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Larry Chrysler
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Hal Yorke

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  • Werewolf
  • Human (formerly)


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Pie and Prejudice


Julian Barratt


Larry is a werewolf who appeared in episode 3 of Series 5. He is played by Julian Barratt.

A former weather presenter, Larry lost his job after he was scratched by a werewolf, claiming that the wolf's instincts had turned him more aggressive than he was. He attempted to work as a motivational speaker, but his efforts were met with only questionable success even if he sounded good. When he visited the Barry Grand Hotel, Tom McNair approached him about the possibility of becoming a mentor to teach him how to be a success as a werewolf, but Hal and Tom realised that Larry was faking his success. Unable to accept Tom's accusations, Larry claimed that the wolf had destroyed his life, claiming that werewolves were fundamentally more primitive and violent than humans, with Tom never realising this 'truth' for himself because he had never been anything else.

Gutted at Larry's accusations, Tom relocated back to the woods while Larry tried to move in to Honolou Heights, but Hal and Alex immediately sought out Tom, dismissing the idea that Larry was correct about the wolf destroying his life, assuring Tom that he was the best of them. Returning to Honolou Heights, Hal ordered Larry to leave, informing him that Larry failed because he himself was a failure, and that Tom was a better man than he could ever be. However, when Larry mockingly informed Hal that he saw himself in the monster that Larry was, Hal strangled Larry with a power cord.

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