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Human Lauren

"I think I'm gonna go to bed." Pilot Shortly after that Mitchell and Lauren have sex. Mitchell bites her and turns her into a Vampire.


"Er, I just need to pee."

Flotsam and Jetsam

Becca is on a date with Mitchell, when she's gone to the toilett. She is killed by Lauren.


"I just needed to meet you. (...) All this time, I just needed to meet you." Ghost Town Gilbert says this to Annie before passing over.

Human Bernie

"I'm trying to sort this, Mum!"

Another Fine Mess Shortly before Bernie is hit by a car.


"That won't work Digby. There's too many of us. (...) Ow?" Where The Wild Things Are

to George when he shows him his Star of David pendant. Shortly after that he is killed by Lauren with the words: "Well, he won't be staring at my tits when he speaks to me any more."



"Somebody needs to stop him, Mitchell. He wants to tear everything down. (...) Here it comes. Oh my!" Where The Wild Things Are Shortly after Mitchell staked her, talking about Herrick.
Billy's last


"Even my dog?" Bad Moon Rising (deleted scenes) He's asking Annie if his girlfriend and his dog are waiting at the other side for him

Josie Hunter

"I was thinking... about the first time I saw you. My God. My knees were like spaghetti. I spend ten minutes lighting the wrong end. You made me so nervous." Bad Moon Rising to Mitchell before she sacrefies herself so that Mitchell can stop Herrick

William Herrick

"Do it! Come on you fucking freak! Do it!" Bad Moon Rising shortly before he is killed by George for the first time


"I can't." Serve God, Love Me and Mend to The Men with Sticks and Rope who are telling him to force Annie Sawyer through his door to purgatory,


"Get down." Damage he is screaming this before protecting Mitchell with his own body.

William Herrick

"Look at this world. How does it make you feel... knowing that soon, all this will be ours?" The Wolf-Shaped Bullet shortly before he is killed by Mitchell

John Mitchell

"I know." The Wolf-Shaped Bullet After he is staked by George with the words: "I'm doing this because I love you."
Nina "Getting there" Unfilmed script we do not know Nina's actual last words, however we do know her last words to George after he asked her if she is happy.

George Sands

Last words as a human: "She's called Eve"

Last words as a ghost:

"Annie it's just the end of my story. I have to be with my Nina."

"You take care of her. She is going to save the world."

Eve of the War George gives his daughter a name and says good bye to Annie and Tom.


Scrub up on your supernature, George. Bites can't hurt me! Eve of the War Shortly before George kills Griffin with his werewolfblood


Pearl: I'll stay. I can stay! We can't leave him on his own.
Hal: Go!
Pearl: Are you sure?
Hal: Go!
Being Human 1955 when Leo and Pearl both leave Hal


You were the best friend I haver had. Being Human 1955 when Leo and Pearl both leave Hal

Alfie Kirby

You want to get that looked at. Aaargh! Aaaaargh! A Spectre Calls Electrical Fizzling and Annie comes back to save Eve

Dr. Wilson

I just want to forget about this. I just want to get back to my children. A Spectre Calls to Culter before Cutler kills her


I'd rather burn than let you both live. Puppy Love to Allison & Tom before Alison kills Kane with her werewolfblood


You wait till the Old Ones hear about this. Puppy Love Before she threatens Allison, and Culter kills her


Emrys: "When your time comes, remember. It might not be a good thing you have to do. Well... thanks Annie... I er I'm sorry that we didn't get to smooch."
Annie: "Yeah me too."
Emrys: "Fancy one for the road?"
Annie: "Piss off"
Emrys: "That's more like it."

Puppy Love Emrys says good bye to Annie

Isaac Daniels

Run, Eve, run! The War Child Bevore he is killed by Mr Snow.


The baby dies, the vampires die. That's why I'm here. I tried to help, but you wouldn't even let me explain. (...) I always knew I'd make history. At least no-one will forget me now. You know, I... I should say something. I am signing the death warrant for my entire species. I should mark the occasion somehow. So...this is how it ends... This is what it all was for. The War Child when he wants to kill Eve & shortly before Annie kills him

Mr Snow

Nooooo! The War Child shortly before Annie kills Eve and all the Old Ones

Annie Sawyer

on earth: "I love you"

in purgatory:

"I'm sorry."

The War Child

Annie last words on earth are "I love you". She is saying that to Eve before she puts on the bomb.

In purgatory she says "I'm sorry" to the grown up Eve before Eve vanishes.


Grown up Eve Sands

"I never happen now. I never grew up. I never saw the things I saw. That's the only me now.

Don't be (sorry)! You saved us all."

The War Child She tells Annie this before she vanishes.


Totally uncalled for. The Greater Good After Crumb staked him, because he thought that Alan is Hazel.