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As George comes home he finds a DVD on the floor. Mitchell has ordered the movie Casablanca, since he has knocked down a chair in that movie. So Annie, Mitchell and George believe it's the movie Casablanca.

Annie pops the DVD on and they suddenly realise that it isn't Casablanca. It is a vampire porn DVD, which is sent to Mitchell by Lauren. On the video Lauren is having Sex with a man. After it she kills the man and drinks the blood. They only see the man. Lauren can't be seen on the video since vampires can not be captured on camera, however Mitchell reallises immidiatly that it's from her. He says that it's personal. It's to remind him of what he did to her. Annie however says, that's not it, it is to show Mitchell what he has been missing. It's to bring him back.

Annie, George and Mitchell are shocked, however they do watch the video untill the end. Mitchell throws it away, but then he puts it out of the rubbish bin and watches it again. Mitchell hides it in a DVD case. He forgets it and gives the DVD to the child Bernie, thinking it is a Laurel and Hardy film.

Bernies mother Fleur sees the DVD and believes that Mitchell is pedophile. She sets up the whole neighbourhood against Mitchell. They start a witchhunt, which ends when Bernie has a terrible accident and lies in a coma. Fleur asks Mitchell to turn Bernie into a vampire.

The date on the video shows that the DVD was shot on February the 21th 2009 at 11:46: