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"Lauren, the Party Pooper"
Lauren, the Party Pooper

Cast John MitchellAidan Turner

SethDylan Brown
William HerrickJason Watkins
Lauren DrakeAnnabel Scholey

Episode chronology
"The Thong"

Lauren, the Party Pooper is a scene that was cut from the 8th scence of the fifth episode during the first series. It is an extra on the DVD of the first series.


Herrick takes Mitchell back into hs vampire group. Lauren comes in and asks why they are meeting up in a funeral parlour. Herrick tells her that the recruits are bought there after they've died. He adds that he feels home there because the life as a vampire is a union between life and death. Mitchell asks Lauren why she said this. She tells him, that it was easier to cope with the things she had done as vampire when she did not care. Then Lauren leaves.