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Lauren (Pilot)
Lauren (Pilot)
Gender Female
Species Human, Vampire
Occupation Nurse at the St. Jude's Hospital
Television Portrayal
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Dominique McElligot

"Your eyes are sad even when you laugh. And when you look at me,... it's heavy. It's old."
―to Mitchell

Lauren is portrayed by Dominique McElligot in the pilot. She is an adventurous woman, who likes to go out. Her best friend is Neeru. Lauren works together with Neeru in the St. Jude's Hospital, where Mitchell and George work as well. She's head over heels in love with Mitchell.

Her friend Neeru has warned her about Mitchell being dangerous, but she doesn't take this warning very seriously and tells Mitchell about it. One night Mitchell stays over at her house. While they are having sex he almost kills her. Since he wants to save her he turns her into a vampire. When she has been turned, Herrick and Seth look after her.

She has changed completely. Her former family and friends are only prey to her and she thanks Mitchell for giving her this gift. She suddenly feels so strong.