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Lenora Crichlow
Biographical Information
Born: 1985
Physical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Birthplace: Westminster, London, England
Family Information
Family Members: Currently unknown
Living or Deceased
Alive or Dead?: Living
Characters They Portray
Acting Appearances: Annie from Being Human
Non-Acting Appearances: Currently unknown

Lenora Crichlow plays Annie in the british Being Human series, she also reads the audiobook of the official Being Human novel The Road.

Lenora Isabella Crichlow (born 1985, Westminster, London, England) is an actress.

Crichlow's father is from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. Her mother is English. Her younger sister, Amandla Crichlow, is also an actor and has appeared in Prime Suspect: The Final Act. She trained and worked with the YoungBlood Theatre Company, and is currently studying drama in her first year at Sussex University.

Crichlow made her first film appearance in the small-budget UK horror film Wilderness, released in August 2006. She is best known for appearing in the UK TV police drama The Bill, and starring as Maria 'Sugar' Sweet in Channel 4's adaptation of the Julie Burchill novel Sugar Rush, which won the 2006 International Emmy Award in the 'Children And Young People' category. She appeared in "Gridlock", a 2007 episode of Doctor Who.

In November 2008 the BBC announced she had been cast as Annie, a ghost in a flat share with a vampire and a werewolf, in the BBC Three series Being Human, replacing Andrea Riseborough who had played the character in the pilot. The full six episode series began on 25 January 2009.[1]

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