1962 Pearl was looking at a newspaper article with a ring on it. She stared straight into Leo's eyes and said, "I just wish I'd been loved. I wish someone would give me a ring just like this one."

Leo remembers this in 2012 when he is very ill. He thinks that he should have given her the ring then, but he was too shy, too scared and too stupid. But he wants Pearl to have it now. So he sends Hal and Tom with the newspaper article to Dessi's shop, to get the ring for him. He gives the ring to Pearl, saying that he wants her to know that she was loved. He loved her since the moment he met her and he'll die loving her.  Pearl also loved him, but was too scared to tell him. Shortly after Leo told Pearl of his feelings he dies. Pearls door appears since she has told Leo that she loved him, that was her unfinished buisiness. Leo and Pearl both cross over together.

Tom keeps the newspaper article of the ring and puts it on his wall.