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Leo Willis
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wife - left him


member of the band "Bite Me"


Mitchell first meets Leo at the St. Jude's Hospital. Leo tells Mitchell that he is a patient and has cancer. They both talk a lot about the 80s and Mitchell starts to like Leo. That's when Leo suggests to Mitchell that they can go to a concert of the 80s band "Bite Me". A few days later Leo, Mitchell, George and Annie go to the concert together. Mitchell is surprised that Leo can see Annie. However they enjoy their time together. Then one day Leo asks Mitchell to turn him into a vampire since he has cancer. Mitchell refuses. Meanwhile George finds out that Leo doesn't have cancer, but just says so because he wants to be turned into a vampire. He was trown out of his band, because he became to obsessed with vampires and wanted to be one. Even his wife left him because of his obsessions. However Mitchell visits him again, without knowing of the things that George has found out. Leo tells Mitchell that he has been searched for him a long time. He even faked diary entries of Mitchell and wants to wander around with him. Then suddenly Mitchell realises that Leo has bite marks on his neck. Leo has been bitten by six other vampires. However as soon they drank his blood they died. Leo was one of the few humans who were immune to vampires. Mitchell is shocked. However he visits Leo again, telling him that Leo did not only fake cancer, but also has cancer. Mitchell thought he should know. Leo just looks him into the eyes telling him that he will find another vampire. The next morning he lies death on the streets before his flat, it seems like suicide.