Lia's Brother
Lias brother
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Television Portrayal
First appearance Deleted Scenes - Season 4

Lia had a little brother. They got along very well. However they also liked to tease each other. Lia's brother is very intelligent. The duke of cornwall will open the science block and Lia's brother and his classmate Trudi Webb will show him around. Lia's brother als likes Lia's friend Samira. He once got a boner when he saw her.

Lia's brother asked Lia not to go on the journey with the train, in which she was killed. He said that she should go the day after it. Lia thought that her brother has been arguing with their dad again. But Lia's brother told her that this wasn't the case. He said that he is nervous about something. But Lia told him that she has already booked her train ticket. Lia's brother asked her again if she could "please go tomorrow". When Lia asked him why he is being like this, he says it's nothing and that she should forget it. After Lia's dead, Lia's brother is picking up fights at school. He acts sad and aggressive.

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