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Lia Shaman
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Killed By


Cause of Death

Vampire attack (Box Tunnel 20)

Physical description
  • Human (formerly)
  • Ghost


Hair colour


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Family information
Family members

Unnamed Brother

Occupation Student
Television Portrayal
First appearanceDamage
Last appearanceThe Wolf-Shaped Bullet
ActorLacey Turner
"You're gonna get killed by a werewolf. A wolf-shaped bullet. Bang!"
―To Mitchell

Lia is the ghost of one of Mitchell's victims of the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre, dying at the age of 22; she had a peanut allergy, had a little brother and wanted to become a vet before her death. She is portrayed by Lacey Turner.

When Mitchell journeys into Purgatory to rescue Annie, Lia appears as his guide. At first she refuses to reveal her identity but insists on telling Mitchell the riddle "H12" After following him through two events from his past, it is revealed in his third experience, being a reliving of the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre, that "H12" was Lia's seat number the night Mitchell killed her. She then gives Mitchell the prediction of his death by a "Wolf Shaped Bullet" meaning he was to die by a Werewolf's hand.

She returns in the finale when she attempts to lure Annie into Purgatory, revealing that the 'Wolf-Shaped Bullet' prophecy was completely fictitious; she had intended to use it to drive a wedge between Mitchell, George and Nina, but the plan backfired when Mitchell suspected other werewolves instead. Although Lia tried to trap Annie in Purgatory to further Mitchell's punishment, she quickly lost heart with the concept when Annie helped her see what lengths she would have to go to in order to punish Mitchell. Annie subsequently suggested that Lia look for fellow ghost Gilbert if she wanted some company.