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Sally, Stevie, and Nick in Limbo.

Limbo is a plane of existence where ghosts that are shredded or go through the wrong door become trapped in. Limbo is a perfect replica of the world of the living down to the last detail, the only difference is that everything there appears grey and bleak. Limbo serves as somewhat of a Hell to the ghosts trapped there with the torment experienced differing from ghost to ghost. For example, Nick Finn's torment was being trapped in the Limbo equivalent of the lake he drowned in; unable to get out of the lake himself. While the torment a ghost experiences is usually in a direct correlation with how they died, it is not always the case. Stevie Atkins, despite having committed suicide via pill overdose, found himself hanging from a noose tied to a tree branch in his front yard where he was forced to watch what he feared the most; his parents happily moving on in life without him. If a ghost manages to get free of his or her respective torment, he or she will eventually end up stuck once again. While it is unknown why this occurs, it appears to be connected to a ghost teleporting.

Known Inhabitants[]