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List of Being Human episodes refers to a full list of episodes of Being Human

This page is a full list of all the episodes from both the original, British Being Human and the Being Human (Syfy) remake.Simce there is over four series of the UK Being Human, it has been split into series pages which are listed below:

BBC Being Human[]

A pilot and 30 episodes have aired. Series 4 premiered on February 5, 2012. Originally, the pilot episode and all episodes of Series 1 and 2 were untitled. Semi-official names have since been provided via a competition run by series creator Toby Whithouse via his blog

Syfy Remake[]

Season One (2011)[]

# Title Writer Director Original airdate Viewing figure
1 "There Goes the Neighborhood" 17 January 2011
2 "There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2" 24 January 2011
3 "Some Thing to Watch over Me" 31 January 2011
4 "Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)" 7 February 2011
5 "The End of the World As We Knew It" 14 February 2011
6 "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong" 21 February 2011
7 "I See Your True Colors... And That's Why I Hate You" 28 February 2011
8 "Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things" 7 March 2011
9 "I Want You Back (From the Dead)" 14 March 2011
10 "Dog Eat Dog" 21 March 2011
11 "Going Dutch" 28 March 2011
12 "Your The One I Haunt" 4 April 2011
13 "A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Killing You" 11 April 2011

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