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Lloyd Pinkie
Lloyd Pinkie
Gender Male
Species Human
Status unknown
Occupation works for the CenSSA
Television Portrayal
First appearance Cure and Contagion
Last appearance All God's Children
Portrayed by Mark Fleischmann

Lloyd is a worker at CenSSA, who works for Kemp. He has a stream of undercover CenSSA videos on Youtube. Unlike most of CenSSA, he is not a religious fundamentalist, but rather an unethical scientist commited to studying supernatural beings. He carried out "the experiment" and blew up the vampire headquarters B. Edwards. In the process he killed Ivan, the blood addicts support group and nearly killed Mitchell. When Mitchell attacked The Facility he hid in the decompression chamber, where he saw Amy McBride. It is unknown what happened to him, but judging from his final video he is either dead, mentally unfit to post videos online, or too scared of vampire attacks.