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Marcus Balfour
Marcus Balfour
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Dead
Occupation Student(Computer Science)
Television Portrayal
First appearance Long Live The King
Portrayed by Perry Moore

Marcus Balfour was a student attending university in Bristol, England. He was engaged to be married to Tally Westwood. Unfortunately, due to the chaos in the Vampire community since the death of William Herrick, Marcus and Tally were attacked by a group of Vampires. Tally was killed, but Marcus survived.

Once he awoke from unconsciousness, Marcus began talking of his experience. Since his story would cause trouble, he was assassinated by the police officer and hatchet man Alan under orders from Chief Constable Wilson. Alan made it look like Marcus has commited suicide. The press believes that the tragic deaths of them are the results of a suicide pact between Marcus and Tally.