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Marcus Damnian was one of the Vampires in Bishop's clan, and for a time his second in command. He is portrayed by Vincent Leclerc.


Early Life[]

Marcus lived during the time of the American War for Independence, but had avoided the war to study. One day Bishop and his men, drunk from a massacre in Concorde, slaughtered Marcus’ village and turned his brother Silas. Silas however, chose to die with honour and cut his own throat. In order to avoid returning empty-handed, Bishop chose to turn Marcus. A little later Bishop turns Aidan, the perfect soldier, a fact of which Marcus resented.

In 2007, Marcus and Blue Collar find and beat, two weeks before the full moon, Josh who works at a diner but are stopped by Aidan.

Season 1[]

Marcus worked at a local Boston funeral home; using the businesses resources to cover up murders perpetrated by other vampires. After accidentally killing Rebecca, Aidan contacts Marcus for help with removing the body. Some time after, Marcus is seen at the hospital where Aidan works; hoping to feed or turn one of the patients. Aidan is angered by Marcus’ attempt at asserting his authority, and the two nearly come to blows.

At some point near a full moon, Marcus is departing a blood den and witnesses two Werewolves beating up another Vampire (Ray and Josh). Whilst under the influence of Ray, and the effects of a waxing moon, Josh was able to overpower and beat Marcus with his temporarily enhanced strength. Marcus did not take the humiliation well and, without Bishop's orders, brutalised Josh's sister Emily outside a club. This act, as well as his failed attempts to lure Aidan back, have caused him to lose Bishop's favour of late. Warned by Aidan, Josh moves with Emily back to their family home, only for Marcus to follow them. After failing to gain entry into Josh’s family home, Marcus is confronted by Aidan; leading to a brutal fist fight with Aidan. Despite being evenly matched for most of the fight, when Aidan gains the upper hand, he demands Marcus keep their rivalry between them and leave Josh's family out of it; forcing Marcus to retreat.

It is later revealed that Marcus is in contact with another Vampire coven; The Dutch. For a long period of time (possibly since Aidan left the fold) Marcus has been informing the Dutch of Bishop’s leadership over Boston, including his recent recruitment drive, and allowance of Aidan’s Human proclivities. Marcus desired to run Boston, and believed that by informing the Dutch of Bishop’s leadership, they would have the power to oust Bishop, and allow Marcus to take his place.

When the Dutch arrive in Boston, they inform Bishop of their intention to reprimand him for his actions, leading Marcus to prompt the removal of Bishop from his position, so that Marcus could be placed in his stead. However, when Bishop enacts a plan to take out the Dutch, Marcus quickly shifts his loyalties, and attempts to regain his position with Bishop by taking out Aidan. He is killed during Bishop's massacre of The Dutch, with a stake through the heart by Rebecca; to prevent him from killing Aidan, as well as revenge for Marcus’ role in the death of Bernie.

Season 4[]

Whilst visiting a blood den, Marcus discovers Aidan; drowning his sorrows over his break-up from Sally. Aidan and Marcus engage in conversation over their tumultuous relationship, which, due to Aidan’s intoxication, quickly descends into boisterous laughter. Marcus joins Aidan at the blood den, and engage in drinking and communal laughter. When the two exit the blood den, intoxicated from a night of blood drinking, they are confronted by the Werewolves Josh and Ray; despite the appearance of Sally, the confrontation quickly turns hostile, and Sally is accidentally killed in the struggle. As Sally’s body lay on the floor, Ray, Josh and Marcus fled from the scene, whilst Aidan, distraught over her death, picked up Sally’s dead body, and held her in his arms.


As a Vampire, Marcus is a manipulative and tactical man. Marcus knows the value of information, and how to exploit it for personal gain; Marcus was willing to use knowledge of Aidan’s heresy, as well as Bishop’s intentions to build an army, to gain favour with the Dutch. Marcus is also disloyal and self serving; he was willing to betray Bishop to the Dutch, in order to grow his position in the Vampire community, and usurp Bishop as leader of the Boston Vampire clan. When his political manoeuvring went sideways, Marcus quickly betrayed the Dutch, and was intent on killing Heggeman and Aidan; in order to regain favour with Bishop. Marcus can also be petty and arrogant; he views Humans and Werewolves as inferior species. When Josh attacked him, Marcus, with wounded pride, retaliated by attacking his sister Emily, and following the Josh and Emily back to their parents home, intent on slaughtering Josh’s family.

Traits and Abilities[]

Marcus possessed all of the common characteristics of a Vampire; including enhanced strength, senses and vitality, accelerated speed, invulnerability to most conventional causes of fatality, sped-up recovery, immortality, awareness of the supernatural and mind compulsion. Due to his age, Marcus was stronger than most younger Vampires, however, he is seemingly evenly matched with Aidan; a Vampire who is 5 years his junior. Marcus also possessed wickedly sharp fangs, and the ability to ingest and digest blood.


  • Marcus is loosely based on the character of Seth from the the original British series, however the role had greater depth and expansion.