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  • can feel the presence of supernatural creatures

A medium is a human with rare necromantic abilities, being able to see and communicate with ghosts. Their BBC counterparts can be considered psychics.

Sally encountered the medium Zoe Gonzales who is keeping an eye on the materinty ward and had the power to help ghosts get reincarnated. She aids Sally in banishing the Black Spirit that has been stalking Sally since she refused her door.

Zoe claimes her earliest memory is seing a ghost who came into her room when she was small and tried to posess her. Terrified, she screamed so much that the ghost was forced out of her, implying that psychics are either resistant or immune to posession. She believed her power to help ghosts reincarnate was a side effect of the posession; thinking a small chunk of the ghost got left behind in her when she drove it off.



  • Cairvoyance: Mediums are capable of seing ghost.
  • Reincarnation: Mediums, like Zoe, are capable of connecting ghost energies to that of other beings like babies, to reincarnate them.
  • Mind Meld: Mediums can connect their energy with a conscious portion of a ghost's energy, by doing it they can enter a ghost's mind.

Known Mediums[]