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  • Hi my name is James and I was wondering what is the vampire diaries fanon wiki about?

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  • i was right you do know the differince right when pure breeds  are born their are werewolves that make them their abilites but for peopel whi got bite or scratch they get the powers from werewolf. thats the differince i was right you were wrong. im sorry but i was right telling you the truth im not rying to be mean saying the truth  

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    • so please dont say i was not the one who started this ok 

      becasue it wasnt for me their wouldnt be the showing th edifferince of the abilites 

      so dont lie to me and im right

      your wroung im sorry 

      if you dont like it too bad

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    • There is no difference, the only differencs are the third type and spellbound type when it comes to shape-shifting and purebred senses in human form which were already stated in the abilities before this. I only changed it so u could shut up and stop changing it, but it didn't work.

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