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  • Thanks a lot for the edit! It's great and sounds much better. However I do not think Duncan Johnson is infected by Herrick. Herrick only turned a very few humans into vampires. It is most likely that it is one of Herrick's fellowers who did it. In 1933 Mitchell wants to infect a woman. However Herrick kills her. (we only see the dead woman, but Mitchell and Herrick talk about it). Herrick tells Mitchell to only chose one or two people to infect. These vampires can bring back their maker from the dead. That's why Herrick created Cara, who later resurrects him. I think I have also heard Herrick mentioning that sometime again during season three, when he talks to Mitchell. So I doubt that he really turned someone random like Duncan. Nanna is also not infected by him. He would have other people who would do it for him. Anyway thanks a lot for your edit. I really like it a lot better. I just wanted to tell you why I removed infected by Herrick. If you disagree just write me a message.

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