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Michael Socha
Biographical Information
Born: 13 December 1987
Physical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Birthplace: East Midlands
Family Information
Family Members: Lauren Socha (sister)
Living or Deceased
Alive or Dead?: Living
Characters They Portray
Acting Appearances: Tom from Being Human

Will Scarlet from Once Upon a Time The Knave of Hearts from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Non-Acting Appearances: Currently unknown

Michael Socha (born 13 December 1987) is a British actor. He is best known for appearing in the films: "This is England", "Soft", "Shank" and "The Unloved". 

When he started his acting career he kept it a secret from the people at his school, training in amateur dramatics by night and keeping quiet about it as he thought it would mess with his image .

He eventually came clean and in 2006 he appeared in the movie "This is Engalnd". The following year he was in a short film called "Soft" (2007). In 2009. two years later, he starred in a movie called: "The Unloved" followed by starring in "Shank"(2010) the following year.

Since he has made his debut in Being Human in 2011 in the first episode of series 3 as the character Thomas McNair. He went from a guest star to performing a starring role the following season. He also starred in the show's fifth season slong with co-star: Damien Molony.