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Mitchell and Bernie
General Information
Intimacy Level substitute father/substitute son
First Met 2009
Status after Bernie had an accident, Mitchell turned him into a vampire and they seperated
last mentioned Another Fine Mess

Mitchell watches Bernie being attacked by other kids from school. He stops them and from that time on Bernie sees a substitute father in Mitchell. His own father has passed away. Mitchell also likes Bernie a lot and enjoys to spent time with him. Mitchell does not think of drinking blood anymore, when he is with Bernie. Even when Bernie is hurt and is bleeding Mitchell only thinks about taking care of Bernie and not of the blood. This makes him so happy that he tells George about this. However their happyness doesn't take long. Mitchell accidently gives the vampire porn DVD that Lauren has sent him to Bernie. When Bernies mother Fleur sees Bernie watching the DVD she thinks that Mitchell is pedophile and turns up the whole neighbourhood against him. But then Bernie is terribly hurt and his mother asks Mitchell to turn Bernie into a vampire to safe him. Mitchell does as she says, but after that he doesn't have contact with Bernie anymore.

It is mentioned several times that Bernie reminds Mitchell of himself. He states that he has been a lot like Bernie. At a young age Mitchell was an outsider as well. He was different from the other children and was bullyed by them. When he tells Bernie about it, Bernie asks him when he did become "cool". Mitchell doesn't reply. Instead he says that Bernie shouldn't change to suit some idiots who can't stand that he is different. Bernie answers that Mitchell did.

During the episode Bernie makes the same change as Mitchell did: From the child that was a little different, to the cool vampire. When he enters the train station as a vampire, he looks different, a little like Mitchell with the jeans and the black jacket. Bernie even styled his hair and suddenly looks cool. He lost his insecureness and innocence. His face looks serious and he doesn't smile much anymore. Mitchell can barely even look at him. Presumably Mitchell is feeling guilty because he has turned Bernie into one of his own. Bernie's change is also like a mirror to Mitchell, showing him his own change again, reflecting his own loss of innocence, his coolness and his unhappyness.[N 1] Presumably this is also one of the reasons why Mitchell and Bernie didn't stay in contact, even though they liked each other alot. Mitchell doesn't seem to be able to face his own change. He even mentiones to Lauren that becoming a vampire didn't change him. (Where The Wild Things Are) Seeing Bernie would always remind him of a change that he doesn't want to see, exspecially because Bernie was so similar to him.


  1. Mitchell's own unhappyness is also revealed during Another Fine Mess. Fleur mentions towards him, that she doesn't see much happyness in him.