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Mitchell and Daisy
General Information
Intimacy Level Friendship, briefly lovers
Status both died
last mentioned All God's Children

Daisy goes with her husband Ivan to Bristol, to take revenge for Herrick's death. Daisy is also very curious about Mitchell's unusual lifestyle. She is interested in the werewolf George, with whom Mitchell shares a flat. She eventually befriends with Mitchell and supports him to convince the other vampires to stop drinking blood. However, when her husband Ivan is killed by the CenSSA Daisy wants to take revenge. Together Mitchell and Daisy commit the box tunnel 20 massacre.

After that Daisy leaves Bristol to bring back Herrick with the help of Cara. Shortly after she has done it Daisy is killed by McNair. Mitchell dies about a half year later.

Daisy and Mitchell seem to like each other a lot. Daisy is interested in his lifestyle. She teases Mitchell a lot, when he tries to convince the other vampires to stay clean from blood. However she also helps him and tells him what to do, to become their leader. When Ivan and all the other vampires die at the explosion at the B. Edwards Mitchell and Daisy support each other. Mitchell convinces Daisy to take revenge. Together they commit the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre. Their relationship can be described as a friendship. However when agent Nancy Reid thinks that Mitchell is responsible for the box tunnel 20 massacre, Mitchell doesn't protect Daisy but mentiones her name towards Nancy.