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Mitchell and Herrick
General Information
Intimacy Level friendship, enemy, infector, infectee
First Met 1917
Status both died
last mentioned The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

In 1917 Herrick turned Mitchell into a vampire. He cared for Mitchell after the transformation and showed him his idea of being a vampire. As long as Mitchell and Herrick killed humans they got along very well.

Their realationship became difficult when Mitchell tried to stop drinking blood. They soon were fighting against each other. Mitchell tried to stop Herrick when he made plans for taking over the world. And Herrick could not understand that Mitchell did not want to drink blood anymore. However Herrick always cared for Mitchell and allways tried to win him back.

As Herrick lost his memory, Mitchell wanted to kill Herrick instantly. But then he decided to rather get to know how Herrick survived George's werwolf attack

As Herrick, however, has regained his memory and Mitchell was put in prison, Herrick set him free. They traveled together to a sunset where Mitchell stabed Herrick into the heart with a wooden stake.