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Mitchell and Lauren
General Information
Intimacy Level lovers, friends, enemies
First Met 2007
last mentioned Mitchell is sitting with Lucy on a bank at the canal, on which is written "In Loving Memory of Lauren Drake" (Serve God, Love Me and Mend)
The me I used to be, the me that got hay fever and was scared her parents would find out she smoked, she's almost gone. Soon all that's going to be left is her. (...) There isn't time (...) So save me.
Lauren to Mitchell before he kills her

Mitchell and Lauren go out on a date. When they have sex, Mitchell can't control his bloodlust. He bites her and drinks her blood. As he doesn't want Lauren to die, he turns her into a vampire and leaves her after this. So Herrick and Seth look after Lauren. Lauren changes completely and tries to convince Mitchell to drink blood again. She kills his date Becca and sends him a vampire porn dvd, where she kills a human. Later, however, she helps Mitchell, George and Annie to escape from Herrick. She asks Mitchell then to kill her, since she does not want to kill anymore. Furthermore she feels like she isn't herself anymore. Mitchell does as she says and Lauren dies in his arms.