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Mitchell and Lucy
General Information
Intimacy Level lovers, enemies
First Met 2010
Started Dating 2010
Status broke up, then died separately
last mentioned All God's Children
He is capable of change. And I will prove it.
Lucy to Kemp about Mitchell

Mitchell and Lucy get to know each other through their work at the St. Jude's Hospital. Mitchell loves Lucy and starts a relationship with her. Lucy however works vor the CenSSA, an organisation which kills vampires and thinks that they are evil. On the one hand Lucy loves Mitchell, on the other hand she thinks that he is evil and must be killed. When Mitchell realises that Lucy is responsible for murdering the vampires at the B. Edwards, he is full of rage and commits the box tunnel 20 massacre together with Daisy. After it he helps George and Nina to escape from the CenSSA organisation. Lucy later comes back to Mitchell to say sorry for what she has done. Mitchell forgives her, but only a few time later Lucy is killed by Kemp.

Lucy and Josie are the only known humans that Mitchell could have sex with without hurting them. Mitchell has always used sex as a weapon, to kill his partners and drink their blood, but with Josie and Lucy it is done because of love.