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Mitchell and Tom
Mitchell and Tom22
General Information
Intimacy Level Bad friendship
last mentioned The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Mitchell and Tom dislike each other. Mitchell has heard from Lia Shaman that he is going to be killed by a werewolf. When he sees Tom at his house he immediately thinks that Tom is the one who is going to kill him. He attacks him. Tom is prejudiced against the vampires. He heard from McNair that vampires killed his mother, therefore Tom thinks that all vampires are evil and need to be killed. Mitchell attacks him when Nina and George bring him to the house, which only proves that McNair was right. However when Mitchell saves them from the werewolf fights )organised by Richard Hargreaves) their relationship gets a little better. Tom doesn't want to kill Mitchell anymore, but still thinks he deserves to die. One of the reasons why Tom doesn't want to kill Mitchell is his affection towards Nina and George. He surely doesn't want to hurt them and he knows that Mitchell is their friend. In the end, Tom's stepfather Anthony McNair is the one who wants to kill Mitchell directly after he kills Herrick. However, he is killed by Herrick before he could hurt Mitchell. Tom wants to kill the vampire who is responsible for this and leaves the house. He never sees Mitchell again. George's and Annie's good relationship with Mitchell helped Tom to get a better impression of vampires. Tom has killed vampires, before he met George, Nina, Mitchell and Annie, but when he meets Dewi Jenkins he doesn't kill him and even gives him his caravan.