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"Mother", as she is called, is an ancient "Royal" vampire who is the oldest vampire shown so far. She is the acknowledged leader of the vampire world. She was the main antagonist throughout season 2. She is portrayed by Deena Aziz.


Early Life[]

Mother's past is largely a mystery; although reports, and her overall appearance, suggested that Mother was born in the late 4th century BCE, Mother herself implies to Aiden that Suren was her biological daughter as well: "When I gave birth to Suren, for a moment I couldn't breathe for looking at her. Human mother, human child. And then I gave her an eternity." This would make Mother over 2000 years old. Mother built her vast empire from the ground up, and was fond of relating the story of her rise to power to Suren.

Her daughter was the cause of a ballroom massacre at the Halloway Hotel in 1931 in which hundreds of people were killed, resulting in her burial for 80 years, but every year Mother passed the anniversary of the massacre to get drunk with blood.

Season 2[]

She comes to Boston to decide the fate of Aidan and Bishop's "orphaned" vampires. Though Aidan attempts to prevent their demise, she orders that Bishop's excess sires to be culled and Aidan not take his place (as Heggeman and the Dutch wanted), but instead assist her daughter in bringing Boston back under control. Mother promised Aidan freedom from the demands of the council and the vampire community should her daughter succeed. Mother later ordered Heggeman to assassinate Josh, who is a barrier to her plans for Aidan. When Aidan and Suren fulfill the goals Mother set out for them, Mother keeps Suren in her position in Boston, despite her requests, and gives Aidan his freedom by banishing him from the vampire society. After Suren leaves him, Aidan plans to kill Mother with the help of Henry, but she sees through the trap and captures him, presenting him to Suren to kill so she can be her successor. When Suren refuses, Mother stakes her and then commits Aidan to the ground, as Aidan tells her she has just killed the only person who ever loved her, after having been revealed in flashbacks that Suren is her biological daughter from when both were human.

Season 3[]

In the season 3 premiere, Mother is revealed to have presumably died from the mysterious virus killing most vampires or fled in search of clean blood.

Traits and Abilities[]

Mother is the most powerful (and thus, probably oldest) vampire seen in the series thus far, both politically and physically.

  • Enhanced Vitality - Vampires possess greater strength, stamina and vitality than humans, however, their physical prowess is dependent on their blood diet. Vampires who feed on preserved blood, while seemingly stronger than humans, are physically weak when compared to vampires who feed on live blood. Vampires who feed on live blood are stronger and can exercise inhuman stamina and agility, vampires who ingest preserved blood are weaker and have less energy. It is unknown how significantly Mother's blood diet effects her abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength - Vampires are stronger than any Human or untransformed Werewolf, regardless of their mass or size; they can easily overpower and kill humans. As the oldest vampire, Mother's advanced age and experience gives her a physical advantage over all Vampires; as she was able to effortlessly decapitate two younger vampires by swiping her hand through their necks.
  • Accelerated Speed - Mother can move at blurring speeds that make her appear almost invisible, or give the impression that she hasn't moved at all.      
  • Enhanced Senses - Vampires possess heightened senses of sight, smell and hearing, that seem to be primed to their predatory nature. Mother's senses and instincts are so profound that she was able to sense to young vampires planning to attack her, even when Aiden could not.      
  • Clairvoyance - As a Vampire, Mother is able to sense and perceive other supernaturals; she is able to see and speak to ghosts, and can identify werewolves purely by smell. Mother was also able to sense the presence of two young Vampires planning to attack when Aidan, a several centuries old Vampire could not.
  • Mind Compulsion - The ability to influence a human's mind is called "compelling", and while it is an ability that comes naturally with vampirism, it is very difficult to use. It seems that compulsion does not work on werewolves, ghosts and other vampires.
  • Enhanced Resilience - Vampires possess greater endurance and stamina than humans, and are immune to most conventional causes of harm and fatality. Vampires can run, fight, and exert themselves for longer, and in a greater physical capacity than any human, however, they can still feel fatigued and even be knocked out. Vampires are also more resilient to physical stress when drinking live blood, but are weaker when drinking preserved blood.
  • Enhanced Recovery - Vampires are able to heal and recover from harm and injury quite quickly, but not instantly as shown when Aidan still had a round mark after being impaled. The rate of healing, as well as the effectiveness is affected by the vampire’s blood diet; Vampires who feed on living blood can heal and recover more quickly than Vampires who sustain themselves on preserved blood. Henry, for example, needed to feed from two humans to regrow his skin.
  • Immortality - Mother is possibly the oldest vampire shown to date; despite being at least centuries old, she maintains the appearance and health of a middle aged woman. It is unknown what age she was when she became a vampire.


  • Due to vagueness and inconsistency surrounding Mother’s age, as well as her turn into a Vampire, it is unknown how old Mother is, or if she is actually the first or oldest Vampire.