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Jim Wright - husband


Mrs Wright is the wife of Jim Wright. After Jim collapses and is sent into the St. Jude's Hospital she visits him there. In the hospital Mrs Wright meets Mitchell, who is working there.

Jim Wright and Mrs Wright were set up by Gemma to kill Lees friends: Rebecca Hywel-Jones, Chantell Roy, Thomas Ho and Barry Jones. She told them that they were selling drugs to young children. She sayed that they even were handing out the drugs for free, so that the children would be hooked. The police could never do anything. The news people did not want to know. Jim Wright and Mrs Wright believed Gemma. Jim Wright asked Gemma what he could do and Gemma told them what to do. She supplied them with a contact, a chemist, who told them how to produce the drugs. They made them at their home. Then they drove to the house. Thomas came outside and they gave him the drugs for free. They told him that he should test the quality of their wares. Thomas threw a party together with his friends. Two of them fell into a coma, the other ones died. When Jim heard of this, he went to Gemma. He figured out that Thomas, Barry, Chantell and Rebecca weren't selling drugs, they were just kids themselfs. Gemma died a day later with a smile on her face. As she dumped Jim Wright and Mrs Wright in, they did not go to the police. The wanted to protect themselfs.

When Mitchell finds this out and talks with Mrs Wright about it, she tells him everything. However the next day she commits suicide.