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Nancy Reid
Nancy Reid
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death 2011, killed by Herrick
Occupation detective
Television Portrayal
First appearance Daddy Ghoul
Last appearance The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
Portrayed by Erin Richards

Detective Nancy Reid (Erin Richards) was a young detective- nicknamed 'Nancy Drew' by her colleagues, much to her frustration- involved in the investigation of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre.

She responded to an anonymous tip (from Nina) to talk with Mitchell about the massacre, but left empty-handed. After Annie followed Nancy back to the station and saw a photograph of Lia as one of the victims, she convinced Mitchell to tell Nancy about Daisy, but Mitchell was still only able to provide limited information due to her vampire status. While Nancy was cleaning up, she was confronted by Herrick, who showed her the newspaper clipping 'diary' of Mitchell's past exploits, but Mitchell took it from her before she could leave.

During her subsequent investigation, she managed to acquire a fingerprint from Mitchell which she took to the police pathologist Cooper. Cooper positively identified it as being identical to those found in the Box Tunnel 20 carriage, as well as from a case back in 1960, but at the same time revealed himself as a vampire working within the police force to protect Mitchell and other vampires. After revealing his part in the cover-up he attempts to turn her into a Vampire, but is staked by Annie before he could recruit her. Nancy subsequently led the police raid which arrested Mitchell, only to be killed by an enraged and bloodthirsty Herrick when he succumbed to his vampiric instincts.