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We have to put a stop to this. Doesn't he understand? These people are British. You're not allowed to talk to your neighbors until you've nodded at them for fifteen years.
George to Annie


After Becca has died Mitchell is in a big shock. He wants even more to live a normal human life and leave all the things that are connected to vampires behind. So he organises a neighborhood meeting. Without telling George about it he invites all the neighbors to their house. Mitchell says that they need to dive into the churn of humanity. Laugh with them, listen to their stories. It is also possible that Mitchell wants to send a message with these meetings. He knows that the vampires of Bristol are organising and he wants to show them that he does not want to be part of it. He also wants to show them that they can live normal lifes together with humans and that they do not need to take over the world. (see the quote at the bottom)

George doesn't like the idea of the meeting. He does want to stop it. Furthermore he doesn't like to talk to the neighbors. The neighbor Lee is very annoying, since he only talks about Vin Diesel. George hides together with Annie in the kitchen, who is also not pleased with the meeting either. She can't be seen by anyone of them, which makes her feel bad. Tully also joins the meeting but is thrown out by George, who doesn't want to have him around. He trows him out of the house. The last guest is Hannah she faints in the bathroom and is still at the house when everybody else has left. Mitchell brings her to the door.

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  • We see the neighbors again, they appear on several episodes on the streets before Annie's house. Even in series two some of them show up again.


Mitchell: It's good we're doing this. Especially now. Throwing the doors open like this... sends a message.
George: What do you mean, "especially now"?
Mitchell: Nothing. It, ah, came out wrong.
George: And sends a message to who? There's something you're not telling us.
Mitchell: Like what? What?
George: A few weeks ago, Tully was in London and got attacked by some vampires.
Mitchell: Vampires are arsholes. This is hardly news.
George: Yes. But Tully says it's happening more and more. Like suddenly they've stopped hiding. But it's the things they're saying now, about time. How their time is coming.
Mitchell: Vampires have been saying their time is coming since the Crusades. Every now and then someone along, they get everyone all excited. It never comes to anything.
Annie: What, so something has been happening?
Mitchell: It's nothing! Can we— ? It's nothing. I promise you. I need a wee. (He walks out.)