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New found out

New Found Out

The New Found Out is a pub run by Hugh, although it is owned by his father (who is currently ill). Annie worked there for a while, when she could be seen by humans again. Deciding that she wanted her life to be more normal, she decided to get a job as a bar tender. She went for an interview, where she showed Hugh a business plan that she had put together to try and attract more customers. When he didn't take it in, she asked if he would just ignore it and hire her anyway; he obliged and she was hired.

Annie served her first customer, Saul, and briefly became romantically involved with him, later finding out that Hugh had a crush on her. She then was assaulted by Saul and lost her confidence, meaning that she could not be seen by humans any more and had to quit. She later reunited Hugh with his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty, and it is assumed that the place is still run by them.


The New Found Out is near to Annie's House (the last pink house on the left side of the picture is Annie's House). It is also called New Found Out in reality.

15 Henry St
Bristol BS3 4UD

Known Employees Known Guests
Owens father