Gender Male
Species Demon
Occupation Newsreader
Television Portrayal
First appearance
Appearances Serve God, Love Me and Mend
Portrayed by Jonathan Aris

The men with sticks and rope appear as the newsreader in the TV to communicate with Saul. This newsreader appears when Saul and Annie have a date at Saul's home. Saul wants to know what he should do on is date with Annie. The Newsreader tells him to kiss Annie. He encourages Saul to continue, even after Annie protests. So Saul tries forcefully to have sex with Annie and Annie disappeares. Saul is shocked and doesn't know how Annie could disappear. So the newsreader tells Saul that Annie is dead, but she didn't go through her door to purgatory. That's why the men with sticks and ropes are angry with her and want her to get to purgatory. The newsreader also tells Saul to go on a drive to clear his head. Saul does what the newsreader says. He has an accident and dies. So it is likely that the men with sticks have caused the accident and Saul's death.

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