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Nina and George
General Information
Intimacy Level Love of their lifes, lovers
First Met 2009
Breakup short breakup in 2010, but they got back together
Status together in heaven with Eve, Nina, Annie and Mitchell
last mentioned Eve of the War
Annie it's just the end of my story. I have to be with my Nina.
George to Annie before he dies

George and Nina got to know each other through their job at the St. Jude's Hospital. George likes Nina at first sight, but when he meets her his werewolf is very strong, so he acts a little strange towards Nina. Nina thinks at first, that George is a clumsy and arrogant man, but when she sees that George takes care of an older patient in his free time Nina changes her mind. As Mitchell sees that George likes Nina he sets up a date between them and the relationship of Nina and George starts After George has killed Herrick he is a little distant to Nina. Meanwhile Nina has become a werewolf as well and needs support, a thing George can't give her since he needs to take care of his own feelings after he killed Herrick. So they both break up and Nina tries to get fhuman again with the help of Kemp. Later however they got back together and get a child (Eve). They both die shortly after the birth of Eve, who died a year after them. Now they are together in heaven with Eve, Annie and Mitchell.

Relationship during the werewolf transformations[]

While most werewolves automatically attack each other or humans during full moon nights this is different between George and Nina. When she sees George's transformation for the first time, Nina is still human. George is very aggressive as he has just killed Herrick, he is pushing against the door. But then he sees Nina through a small window at the door. He suddenly becomes calm and just looks her into the eye. (Bad Moon Rising)

In the Episode Lia they do not manage to turn into a werewolf seperatly, so they use one room together. There they have sex together as werewolves and berget Eve (Lia).

When Richard Hargreaves puts the werewolves Tom, McNair, George and pregnant Nina together into a cage, they are set free by Mitchell. However they still turn into a werewolf in the same room and George padderes around Nina all protective. Even as a werewolf he makes sure that she is allright and protects her (The Pack).