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#REDIRECT [[Series 5 Episode 5]]
|Name = No Care, All Responsibility
|Series = 5
|Number = 5
|Cast =
*[[Tom]] - [[Michael Socha]]
*[[Hal]] - [[Damien Molony]]
*[[Alex]] - [[Kate Bracken]]
*[[Mr. Rook]] - [[Steven Robertson]]
|Guests = *[[Captain Hatch]] - Phil Davis
*[[Natasha]] - Kathryn Prescott
|Previous = "[[The Greater Good]]"
|Next = TBA
'''No Care, All Responsibility '''is the fifth episode of Series 5 of Being Human. It is set to air on 3 March 2013.
<span style="font-size:18px;">Synopsis</span>
Tom falls for a damsel in distress called Natasha (Kathryn Prescott), when she runs into the hotel looking for a safe haven.
But Natasha comes to the attention of Hal for a darker reason, when she offers him a way to control his bloodlust and prevent him from killing innocents.
Meanwhile, Alex is positive that there's something suspect about hotel resident Captain Hatch. But the more she investigates, the deeper into danger she gets.
Starring Damien Molony (Hal), Michael Socha (Tom), Kate Bracken (Alex), Phil Davis (Captain Hatch), Steven Robertson (Mr Rook), Colin Hoult (Crumb) and Kathryn Prescott (Natasha).
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