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Suicide (drank rat poison)

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  • Albert (younger brother)
  • Unnamed Parents
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AppearanceSticks and Rope
ActorBenjamin Greaves-Neal
"Just because one is dead, doesn't mean one should let standards drop."
―To Alex, upon her finding him pretending to have a bath.

Oliver Fitzwilliam Pryor was a ghost who appeared in Episode 2 of Series 5. He is portrayed by Benjamin Greaves-Neal. 

Early History[]

In life he and his family lived in the house that became Honolulu Heights. He was originally from England, but he and his family moved to Wales for his father's job. He committed suicide shortly after his brother died in an accident, feeling that he had caused the death due to resenting his brother getting all the attention because he was ill with rickets. As a ghost he spent his time hiding from the Men with Sticks and Ropes who had come to claim him as a suicide and send him to Hell.

Series 5[]

Prior to episode 2 he was recruited by Captain Hatch in a plot to break up the trinity of Alex, Tom and Hal; presumably in exchange for Hatch calling the Men with Sticks and Ropes off.

He appeared to the housemates, claiming he had been in hiding from the Men with Sticks and Ropes, and seemed harmless though annoying to Hal and Alex. Alex was left in charge of him, while Tom and Hal went to work, when she overheard him being threatened by the Other Side. Confronting him, he confessed that he "killed" his brother; explaining the accident and his own death to a sympathetic Alex.

Alex explained to him that he was not a bad person as he originally believed; he was just a victim of circumstances and needed to let go of the past. She then took him for a day out at Barry fun fair and the two bonded. Unfortunately Oliver was threatened (by Captain Hatch) to lead Alex back to the house where the Men with Sticks and Ropes and what appeared to be his brother, Albert, chased the pair. Alex convinced Oliver to confront his brother; believing the other ghost wanted to make amends with his brother and thus allow the two to cross over. Unfortunately Albert turned out to be one of the Men with Sticks and Rope in disguise and pair were cornered by them.

Alex tried to offer herself up in exchange but a tearful Oliver revealed himself to be bait in a plan to catch Alex in the first place and begged her to run. Alex however noticed the real Albert standing in the doorway to the Other Side and convinced Oliver to go to his brother and "shut the door" promising that she would be OK. The two reconciled and Oliver crossed over with his brother while Alex escaped her encounter with the Men with Sticks and Ropes unharmed.

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