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"One Is Silver and the Other Pagan"
Series 3, Episode 7
One Is Silver and the Other Pagan

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What's Blood Got to Do With It?
Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland

Josh reconnects with Emily while he and Nora care for Erin.


Bleeding from his eyes and writhing in pain, Aidan struggles to make sense of what's happening but when he sees Erin moving toward him with a stake, it suddenly becomes clear. Aidan tries to get away but Erin gives chase. Worried that Liam may not make it in time, Erin goes in for the kill but Aidan kicks her, knocking her across the room and into a bookshelf.

Outside, Liam is just pulling up but decides to abort when he sees Josh approaching the house. Once Josh comes inside, he doesn't know whether to comfort his best friend or take care of the teen he's supposed to be looking out for. Erin is stabilized at the hospital but the doctors aren't sure if she's going to make it. Aidan tries to explain his side of the story to a very angry Josh but it doesn't help that he can't prove that Erin poisoned him. Josh tries to be understanding but he has his doubts. Of course, Nora shows no such restraint when she finally shows up: She openly threatens Aidan.

Josh decides to confront Liam but Liam denies everythingbefore killing Erin later on to deepen the rift between Josh, Nora and Aidan. Liam's tactics just might succeed, even though Josh's sister Emily shows up with their grandmother's wedding ring for Josh to give to Nora when he proposes.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Aidan discovers that Kenny has a new vampire friend. Blake, a young vampire who has agreed to turn Kenny and be his maker. Horrified, Aidan finally agrees to do what he doesn't want to do: Turn Kenny himself.

Meanwhile, when Kat stops by the house to complain about plumbing issues in Nora's old place, Aidan steps in to help her out. And despite Nora's vehement warnings to stay away from Kat, Aidan asks her out on a date.

In order to begin reconstructing a new life for herself, Sally seeks out Bridget, her old best friend. Bridget is unusually calm about Sally's sudden reappearance as a flesh and blood human, which prompts Sally to ask a few questions. Bridget, it seems, has taken up with a local Wiccan group. Despite her better judgment, Sally agrees to go with Bridget to one of the group's meetings. The group creates a séance and at first, it seems like it might be working but it turns out that the ghosts who show up are only interested in hopping into the attendees bodies. Sally breaks up their fun and encourages Bridget to forget about Sally and live her life. Sally's night only gets worse when she discovers something even more upsetting: Open sores on her scalp.

Later that night, when Liam attacks Blake, she lets it slip that she knows a killer of purebred werewolves and Liam quickly figures out who must have killed his son- Aidan.