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Owen Norayan
Owen Norayan
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Home Owen's House, Bristol
previously The House, Bristol
Occupation Student Computing (formally)
Property Landlord
Television Portrayal
First appearance Flotsam and Jetsam
Last appearance Bad Moon Rising
First mentioned "Pilot"
Portrayed by Gregg Chillin

Owen Norayan is the landlord of the property occupied by Mitchell, George and Annie, as well as being Annie's ex-fiancé.

Early life[]

Owen is studying computing design at the university in Brighton were he meets Annie. Annie and Owen start dating. Soon afterwards Owen proposes to Annie. As Owen gets a job in Bristol the couple moves there. (Annie's Life Story)


Initially portrayed as a kind man, it is later revealed that he was, in fact, Annie's killer. As a ghost, Annie attempts to "be a wife" to Owen, doing "sweet little things" for him like ironing his clothing and making his his favorite parsley sauce. When Owen comes to fix the plumbing in Mitchell and George's apartment, Annie remembers the night of her death: Owen pushed her down the stairs, after finding a thong and accusing her of infidelity.

After Annie remembers the manner of her death, Owen takes on much more sinister and sociopathic qualities. It becomes clear that he was abusive for a long time before he killed her. Annie unsuccessfully attempts to haunt him; he simply dismisses her presence as pathetic and verbally abuses her. She also discovers that during their relationship, Owen had been having an affair with his now-girlfriend Janey. When she shows herself to Janey, Annie tells her that Owen killed her and we learn that Owen is also beating Janey. However, Owen is able to manipulate Janey into believing Annie is a delusion brought about by guilt over the affair.

He continues to show no remorse or fear towards Annie until she confronts him—revealing what George and Mitchell really are—and whispers a secret which only the dead know. Owen is left horrified and gradually driven insane by this new knowledge, eventually attempting to turn himself into the police, telling them he killed his fiancée and that she was living with a vampire and a werewolf and that they were going to kill him. He ends up committed to a mental hospital.

In the series one finale, Owen is shown explaining his story to a psychiatrist later revealed to be Kemp. As Kemp learns all he can from Owen, the clearly mad and paranoid Owen obsessively asks for sanctuary and security from the outside world. While all others have dismissed his story as the rant of a sick man, Kemp believes him and uses Owen's information to find Mitchell, George and Annie, furthering his and Jaggat's research.