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"Pack It Up, Pack It In"
Series 4, Episode 5
Pack It Up, Pack It In

Broadcast date 10 February 2014
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
The Panic Womb
Cheater of the Pack

Aidan and Kenny have a night of drinking to help Aidan forget a recent loss in his life, while Josh and Nora throw a baby shower for their new wolf friends that quickly gets out of hand. Sally jumps around in time to learn surprising things not only about her roommates, but also about her new abilities and what they mean in regards to her future.


  • Technically, everything that happens after Sally returns from the 1920s takes place in a alternate version of history, as she briefly interacted with a younger Aidan while possessing someone in the past. However, this small change in history appears to have not affected any known facts in history.