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Patsy Ritter
Patsy Ritter
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death 2013, killed by Captain Hatch
Occupation owner of the Barry Grand Hotel
Television Portrayal
First appearance The Trinity
Last appearance Sticks and Rope
Portrayed by Claire Cage

―Patsy, upon seeing Hal for the first time.

Patsy Ritter is a member of staff at the Barry Grand Hotel, who appears to have taken a liking to Hal. She is portrayed by Claire Cage.


After Hal and Tom lose their jobs at the Cafe they apply for the position of Hotel staff at Barry Grand Hotel, which Patsy is the manager of. When we first see her she's calming down Captain Hatch, and after seeing Hal for the first time her words are 'Hot!', which she tries to cover up by saying the room is hot. After giving a full interview for Tom (which included a general knowledge round) she accepts Hal instantly. Alex jokingly suggested they simply fast foreward to Patsy living with them as a Ghost. Utterly attracted to Hal but not so fond of Tom she'd often let Tom do all the menial jobs around the hotel whilst letting Hal do whatever he wants. In Episode 2 Captain Hatch suggests letting the staff compete for Employee of the Month. Despite the obvious fact that she's going to let Hal win anyway Tom tries his best to impress her, but all of his attempts fail. After being manipulated by Captain Hatch, Tom and Hal end up in a food fight in . Despite Hal participating she blames Tom for the whole affair and tries to fire him, Hal defends his friend which ends up with Patsy having him fired too. At the end of the episode Patsy rehires both of them, due to Captain Hatch, he then causes blood to bleed from her eyes and nose, after hearing his plan for world domination her entire face is now covered in blood, she's last seen heading out of the Hotel to the Sea to drown herself at the suggestion of Captain Hatch.

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