Pearl Hannigan-Spiteri
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death 2012, illness
Television Portrayal
First appearance Cure and Contagion

Pearl Hannigan-Spiteri is the daughter of Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri. She was born during World War Two, but abandoned by Daisy shortly after, so Daisy can see the world with Ivan. The first time we see Pearl is when she is lying in a hospital bed, just before Daisy attempts to kill her. George Sands walks in on her attempt and questions which family member it is, thinking it is Daisy's mum, and he seems surprised to find out that Pearl is Daisy's daughter. We also find out that Pearl is married and that she is strong because Daisy has attempted to kill her before.

At the beginnig of the next episode, we have a flashback. Daisy and her husband (not then, but to be) Ivan are in an air raid shelter, in 1941. Daisy tells Ivan about Pearl, and how she was named "after her Daddy's Mammy".  She also admits that Pearl cries a lot and doesn't really feel that Pearl is hers, and it's like she is waiting for her real parents to come and get her.

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