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Of Mice and Wolfmen

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For Those About to Rot


Ron Lea

"Well when you've had the equivalent of a heart attack once a month for fifthteen years, it takes a toll on you."
―Pete, about why he looks so old

Pete was a self-professed vegetarian werewolf. He was the one who taught Josh and Nora how to communicate with their wolves.

He is portrayed by Ron Lea.

Early Life[]

Pete became a werewolf at the age of 14. During a camping trip with his parents, they were attacked by a werewolf which killed both his parents and marked him in the process. Pete admitted that at first he was afraid and attempted to fight the change as much as possible. Eventually, he met other werewolves (and possibly other supernaturals) that educated him in ways of accepting his wolf through techniques such as meditation. It was in a state of meditation that Pete met his inner wolf, whom he decided to name Gordon.

Season 3[]

Pete meets Nora after the full moon. After learning from him that the pack mentality is not natural and that wolves should only run with those they are bound by blood with or love, she offers an invitation to their house, which he takes for that very night. After making garlic tea for Aidan, and revealing he has also kept vampire friends and that he is only 39 years old (prematurely aged after nearly three decades of transformations), he leads Josh and Nora in a meditation to reach their wolves. Pete does his best to get Josh in touch with his wolf, offering to help them get through it in a single night in exchange for beer, but when Josh returns to Pete's RV, he finds him attacked by vampires seeking the blood cure, who also reveal that Josh and Nora are off limits. Pete is revealed to have died from the attack, and his death is taken hard by Nora, Josh, and even Aidan, who feels responsible for not including him in the protective deal, even though he only said a single drink was necessary.


  • Pete suffers Marie Antoinette syndrome from having around 160 transformations; implying werewolves suffer this as a side-effect from all the strain it causes them. Which explains Ray as well. But also forewarns how Josh and Nora will look in their 40s.
  • Before transforming one time, he got high in a field of flowers, which allowed him to switch with Gordon without Pete noticing. Turns out a stoned Gordon ate the flowers, leaving Pete to excrete the flowers for a week.