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The police station on Barry Island has many diffent department. Nancy Reid works together with Cooper in one deportment. There Nancy tries to find out who's commited the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre while Cooper tries to cover the murders.

Mitchell is put into prison in an other department. Herrick comes to take him out of there and kills all police officers,

Edgar Wyndham finally helps to get rid of the chaos. He kills everyone who know something, or he browbeats them. Other police officer and employees get sacked immidiatly. When Edgar Wyndham is killed by George Griffin takes over his job. Fergus works at the police station as well.

In the episode A Spectre Calls Tom gets arrested. He has beaten up a Vampire. Cutler gets Tom out of there. He shows a video of the scene to the police officer Jeffrey. As Vampires can't be captured on video Tom hits in the her. Tom can leave.




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