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"Puppy Love"
Series 4, Episode 6
Puppy Love

Broadcast date 11 March 2012
Written by John Jackson
Directed by Daniel O'Hara
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Hold the Front Page"
"Making History"
Tom: "Hal, I found these matches and some of them are the wrong way round!"
Hal: "We'll soon see about that"
―Hal and Tom talk

Puppy Love is the sixth episode of the fourth series of Being Human which was first broadcast on 11th March 2012. This episode marks the first appearance of Alex Millar, who would become a series regular in Series 5.


Annie accidentally kills a cantankerous neighbour Emrys (Anthony O'Donnell) and Tom falls for geek werewolf Allison, who has run away from home to seek out Tom after being one of a million viewers to see the video of his transformation online. Cutler has been upstaged by a new group of vampires, led by Golda, who arrive to prepare for the coming of the Old Ones. Cutler tricks Tom into killing them by convincing him that they are the vampires who are trying to expose werewolves to the public.

This effectively allows Cutler to continue with his plans in time for the Old Ones' arrival. Meanwhile, Hal goes on his first date in over half a century with Alex (Kate Bracken), a girl he meets in the cafe. Tom invites her and Hal onto a double date with him and Allison, so Tom can keep an eye on Hal, and they go to a museum. When Hal is left alone with Alex, he is tempted by the sight of her bare neck after she asks him for a kiss and manages to pull himself away just in time, and abandon her. Later, Tom has Hal call her and ask for another date to make it up to her.

Allison begins to get a taste for killing after staking her first vampire, but Tom is unhappy to see how much it seems to have changed her. They argue, and Allison angrily goes to find and kill Golda, who Cutler ends up staking, after she nearly kills Allison. This leads Tom to reluctantly break up with Allison and send her home after deeming his lifestyle unsuitable for her.

Annie manages to help Emrys fulfill his unfinished business on earth (which happens to be scaring his ex-wife and her new partner out of their home) but just as Emrys' door begins to close, a young woman appears to Annie who reveals herself to be Eve from the future.


  • Got Monsters by Keith Caputo
  • Work to Do by The Isley Brothers (sung by Hal)
  • Puppy Love by Donny Osmond
  • Barnacle Bill (Blue Peter) by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Organ In Your Chest by Colin Smith


  • The set used for Allison's bedroom appears to be the same room used for Lia's bedroom in "The Wolf-Shaped Bulletin Series 3.
  • Former main character George Sands makes a brief appearance in the video footage shown by Allison.

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