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Rebecca Flynt was a nurse who worked at the same hospital as Aidan and Josh, and was turned into a Vampire. Rebecca was portrayed by Sarah Allen.


Early Life[]

Rebecca Flynt was a qualified nurse who lived in Boston. At some point prior to the events of the series, Rebecca started a rotation at Suffolk County Hospital, and became acquainted with Aidan Waite; a fellow nurse at the hospital.

Season 1[]

In the opening of There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 1, Rebecca is on a date with her co-worker Aidan; after walking her home, Rebecca invites Aidan inside. Once inside, Rebecca invites Aidan to sleep with her; unbeknownst to her, Aidan is a vampire. During the act, Aidan loses control and drains Rebecca of blood. After Rebecca dies, Aidan contacts Bishop’s second in command Marcus, asking for a favour; Marcus arrives at Rebecca’s with two men from the funeral home, who collect Rebecca’s body. Despite Aidan’s wish that they dispose of her body, Bishop decided to turn Rebecca. As a result, Rebecca became a Vampire (strong, powerful and immortal) that harboured a deep hatred for Aidan, as well as an intense desire to be with him. At first she had no compunction against killing and feeding on humans. However, her conscious grew, and she was able to see the pain in her victim's eyes, resulting in a change of heart.

In Wouldn't It be Nice (If We Were All Human), Rebecca sought out Aidan to help her get over the desire to kill humans. However, she couldn't stand the taste of human blood from the blood bank (as opposed blood from live subjects), and she can't substain herself on vampire blood for long. Suffering from what looked like withdrawal symptoms similar to those of withdrawal from drug addiction in a human, Rebecca stated that she wasn't as strong as a human. She left Aidan, (presumably to go back to hunting humans for sustenance, despite her desire not to).

In It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong, it was made definite that Rebecca returned to killing humans for food. While serving as an agent for Bishop, Rebecca sent a DVD in a form of a pornographic snuff film, that includes Rebecca attacking an older human male to enticed Aidan back to the "family". Rebecca seemed to have re-embraced the vampire life - not out of a feeling of doing what comes naturally to a vampire, but because she felt she had no alternative.

S01 e0111 05 130108175398 CC 640x360

Rebecca after killing Marcus

In Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things, Rebecca saw Aidan playing with Bernie and she talked to Aidan about their relationship. Rebecca also asked him if he was a father once, since he was being kind to Bernie.

In I Want You Back (From the Dead), Rebecca turned Bernie into a vampire so that She, Aidan, and Bernie can be a family. Moreover, turning the boy was the best thing Rebecca can get for a child. While she was happy with this, Aidan objected and he hid Bernie. In a motel, Rebecca ordered Bernie to drink hospital blood, but Bernie refused, which caused an argument between them. Aidan convinced Rebecca to stay, while he takes Bernie to get fresh food.

In Dog Eat Dog, Rebecca was warned about the Dutch, but she was not scared. When Aidan asked Rebecca for her help, she declined because Aidan killed Bernie.

In Going Dutch, Rebecca found out that Marcus killed Bernie's bullies, and he attempted to turn Rebecca to his side. However, it failed when Aidan was trying to rescue Heggeman and Marcus stood in their way. After Marcus attempted to kill Aidan, Rebecca killed Marcus and she helped Aidan save Heggeman. Rebecca told Aidan that Marcus was responsible for Bernie's death, and he killed Bernie's bullies. She then told Aidan to kill her, because she knew that she was supposed to die that night with Aidan, not live this life as a vampire. So, Aidan regretfully staked Rebecca, in her last moments she managed to tell him 'Thank You' before she crumbled away to dust.

Alternate Timeline[]

Season 4[]

Sally, Aidan, and Rebecca

Aidan, Rebecca and Sally in an alternate timeline

Rebecca reappears in the episode Rewind, Rewind..., which takes place in an alternate timeline, to Aidan and Josh to ask Aidan out on a date, while Sally watches on from a nearby bench. For Sally, knowing that Aidan will kill her, shows up on their date to break them up, to which Rebecca thinks Aidan has some disease and leaves, ultimately preventing her own death, and future vampirism. However, Sally eventually restores the timeline to normal.


As a Human, Rebecca was a nurse, as a newly turned Vampire, Rebecca was consumed by the power and bloodlust; she described feeling like a goddess, she also described feeling a desire to kill her friends and family. Rebecca had also become vindictive, she resented what Aidan did to her; when she saw him out with Cara, she attacked Cara in spite; forcing Aidan to make a choice between turning Cara into a Vampire, or letting her die. Over time, the bloodlust and euphoria that came with being a Vampire faded, and Rebecca was confronted with feelings of anguish over the people she had slaughtered, as well as the nature of what she had become.

Traits and Abilities[]

Rebecca possessed all of the powers and abilities common to vampirism; including enhanced strength and vitality, superhuman speed, heightened senses, awareness of the supernatural, invulnerability to most conventional causes of harm and fatality, advanced regeneration, immortality and mental compulsion. Rebecca also possessed retractable fangs and the ability to ingest and digest blood. Rebecca was stronger than any Human or untransformed Werewolf; she easily overpowered the Werewolf Josh, as well as her Human victims. Rebecca could also use her enhanced senses to identify that Josh was a Werewolf, and likewise was able to perceive the ghost Sally.

Rebecca was also a qualified nurse.