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"My lunch fought back. But who takes a crow bar with them when they walk the dog? I mean who does? That's just weird."
―To Annie

Regus is a vampire scholar responsible for keeping archives and vampire politics. Regus is known as the vampire recorder and realises that Eve is the War Child and is happy knowing she will destroy the vampire race. Regus tells Griffin about the prophecy and tells him about how the vampire race started. Griffin decides Eve must die, however Regus tricks him into thinking there is protocol and stalls the execution until George transforms and saves his daughter. Regus is one of the few vampires who survives the Barry coven massacre and informs George about his death due to his partial transformation. Before leaving later on he tells Annie about the Nemesis.

Episode 3 (The Graveyard Shift)[]

Regus demands Annie show him a vision of her past and gets into a comedic situation. He later goes to Annie's house to help her and Eve leave before the Old Ones arrive, and meets a woman called Michaela who was texting in the toilets when the vampires attacked the cafe, and ended up getting caught in the middle of Hal and Tom's fight with Fergus. Moments later Fergus attacks her and holds her hostage. Hal pretends to side with Fergus, and Fergus slits Michaela's throat. When she was dying later on, Regus recruited her (partly because he was lonely) and they later left to travel the world together, knowing that Annie will keep Eve safe and allow her to fulfil her destiny. Hal then made the comparison between them and Ivan and Daisy

Post Series[]

Regus and Michaela are believed to be responsible for the "Poetry Killings" associated with the Brennan School for Girls in South London. They have attacked fifteen teachers and former pupils, killing one of them.  Each of the victims was known personally to Michaela, and she and Regus are now thought to be targeting the editors and publishers of poetry journals in the area.