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Ryan Millar
Ryan Millar
Gender Male
Age 15-17
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation student
Television Portrayal
First appearance Sticks and Rope

Ryan Millar is the brother of Alex, Derek and Decky. We only get to know Ryan through several conversations. In the Episode Making History Alex tells Hal that Ryan got a tatoo with a typo on it. Alex says that he has managed to find the only dyslexic tattooist in all of south Wales. This guy manages to spell Arsenal with a "K"!

Alex and Decky also talk about Ryan in an amusement park. According to Decky Ryan says about Hal that: "This fella must be a right munter." Alex replies that Ryans last girlfriend looks like Chris Moyles.

It seems like Ryan is taking care of his younger brothers since Alex died. As Alex is watching her two younger brothers playing games, Ryan turns up and tells them to quit playing and sends them to school.

We only see him in one scene in the Episode Sticks and Rope. Alex is watching her brothers at her old home to say goodbye to them.

In the Episode The Last Broadcast Ryan is mentionened again, by Alex and her father, They say that Alex and Ryan had an argument over Ryans new tatoo, shortly before Alex died.