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Sally Malik
Biographical information



Original Timeline:
2010 (first time)
2013 (second & third time)
Alternate Timeline: 2011

Killed By

Danny Angeli (Original timeline)
Ray (Alternate timeline)

Cause of Death

Original Timeline:
Blunt force trauma to the head (as a human)
Decomposition (as a zombie)
Magic (as a ghost)
Alternate Timeline:
Blunt force trauma to the head

Passed over


Physical description

Ghost - Witch
Alternate Timeline: Werewolf



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Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Scott (Alter ego)
Samid Malik (Father)
Rena Malik (Mother; deceased)
Robbie Malik (Brother; deceased/ghost)
Danny Angeli (Ex-Fiancé)

Occupation College Student (upon death)
Assistant at Howell & Holt Funeral Home (while undead)
Television Portrayal
First appearanceThere Goes the Neighborhood: Part 1
Last appearanceThere Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3
ActorMeaghan Rath Natassia Markiewicz (First Possession)

"Sorry, I don't really have a handle on this whole 'being dead' thing yet..."

Sally Malik is a ghost that haunts the house that Josh and Aidan moved into. In life, Sally was vivacious, smart, funny and driven. In death, she's very much the same, though her early demise finds her floundering for answers.

She is portrayed by actress Meaghan Rath.

Season 1

Growing up, Sally was often forced to be tough and, as a result, didn't take a lot of flack. She was ambitious, with an eye set on working for the UN, or, at the very least, attending grad school. While in college, she fell in love with Danny, and they became engaged after graduation. They moved into the House, in spite of a tumultuous relationship. The crux of it came when Sally lost her engagement ring, a mistake that enraged Danny. He was convinced she was covering up infidelity, making excuses, and, in a fit of rage, pushed her down the stairs, and killed

Sally after her death

Sally after her death


Now, as a ghost, Sally's surprised - and elated - to discover that her new roommates, Aidan and Josh, can both see and hear her.

She remains a prisoner in the house, unsure how to actually leave it. She can't manipulate solid matter, and can't step outside. She's convinced she's in some kind of purgatory, but doesn't know why, or what to do about it. As a result, she's quick to remind her housemates that, at the very least, they're alive, and can enjoy even the little things (for instance: Josh might be depressed about going all "wolfy," but at least he can drink beer... or three).

Most of all, she wishes she could find her way back to Danny, unaware of what occurred between them in those crucial moments before her death.

Later in the season, Aidan introduces her to a ghost named Tony, who teaches her how to transport to different places, including locations outside of the house. Thanks to him, she's able to experience the outside world, after seven long months of being cooped up.

Invigorated by her new powers, Sally makes several attempts to communicate with Danny, but when she transports to his house, she encounters both him, and her best friend Bridget, talking and enjoying each others company. To make matters worse, the encounter she witnesses ends with a kiss.

Dejected, Sally is angered by Bridget moving in on Danny, taking her for an opportunist that's taking advantage of her former fiance in his moment of weakness. She's, similarly, angry with Danny for moving on so quickly, and does her best to sabotage the relationship. She eases from her anger, however, and comes to the conclusion that, for the sake of her own sanity, and those around her, the best course of action would be to communicate with Bridget, if only to say that she approves of the relationship.

When Danny learns of Sally's presence in the house, from her doing various things like placing her wedding ring in his apartment, Danny hires Elana to perform an exorcism. However, half way through the ritual, Sally

Elana attempts to exorcise Sally

Elana tries to exorcise Sally

briefly possesses Elana to stop her. Here, Elana learns of everything that Sally knows, including how Danny was a controlling person and how Danny had killed Sally. She then leaves, leaving Sally still alive (or as alive as a ghost can be) and telling Danny that anything she does to him, he deserves all of it and more. 

When she finds out that Danny was the one that killed her, she is in shock at first but soon she wants her revenge. She starts with things like trashing his apartment and trying to tell Bridget the truth, but as Danny does things to get rid of her and hurt her, Sally begins to do dangerous things to Danny, like cutting his throat while he is shaving.

In episode 12, "You're The One That I Haunt", Danny tries to burn down the house to wash away the memories and also to make Sally disappear, but as he tries to leave Sally slams the door shut, trapping both of them inside. The flames continue to grow when Aidan and Josh bash through the door to Sally's rescue 


and when Josh finally puts out all the flames, Aidan grabs Danny and continually hits him until he is ready to bite him, but Josh stops him and Sally realises that he deserves to die, but she is not like him and she would never kill someone. After this Danny can briefly see and hear Sally, and this forces him to admit to the police that he started the fire and that he killed Sally.

After the fire is put out, Sally's door suddenly appears after having gotten rid of any unfinished business. While they begin to say goodbye to her, Bishop bursts through the window and stabs Aidan with a wooden stake before fleeing as he was not allowed in the house and was beginning to burn alive. 

When Josh took Aidan to the hospital to get help from one of Aidan's past lovers, Sally follows, feeling that she needed to make sure that he was okay before she moved on. While Aidan appreciated the sentiment, he tells her that he will be fine and that she needs to go through the door. However, upon returning home, she ses that her door has disappeared and that she has missed it. She later discovers that she can move things with more ease, telling the group that she is more Earth-bound and that this shouldn't be considered a good thing.

While Josh is transforming in the basement of the hospital, Sally goes with Aidan to fight Bishop. There, she offers what little assisstance she can and witnesses Aidan killing his maker, making all of the vampires Bishop made orphans and ending his rule in Boston.

Sally and Aiden confront Bishop

Sally and Aidan confront Bishop.

Season 2

As Sally continues to be able to move things more easily, Nora has been around more due to her relationship with Josh. Since Josh told Nora of Sally, the two tried to talk about Sally's high school reunion but it was unsuccessful. Along with her high school friend Stevie, who had commited suicide, they go to their high school reunion where they see a memorium about them and another girl, one who was stuck up and snotty and whom Stevie had a crush on. The girl also appears at the reunion.

While Stevie tries to talk to her, she ignores him, unaware that she is dead and thinking that everyone can still see her. However, Sally, being annoyed about how Stevie is pouring his heart out to her and she is ignoring him, snaps at her. There, the girl realizes that she is dead so appearances no longer matter. She also reveals that she was jealous of Sally and how free she was. The girl then gets her door, causing Sally to feel upset that she can hope other ghosts get their doors but she wont be able to get her own door back.

Stevie then tells her that they can dream if they want though it isn't for the need of rest. When Sally goes home and tries to dream, she has a dream of her door coming back. When she opens it, she tries calling for Aidan and Josh. However, the inside suddenly turns dark and something rushes out of her door at her, causing her to wake up and to realize that she is floating in the air.

The next day, she tries telling Josh about what happened and is surprised to see that Nora can now see her. When she asks if Nora is dead also, she learns that Josh turned Nora into a werewolf by accident and accidentally tells Aidan. 

Sally 1Possess

Sally enjoying herself in her new host.

While hanging out with some ghost friends she made through Stevie, namely Dylan and Phil (though the latter two call him "Boner"), they go to a party where she witnesses Dylan and Phil possessing two boys. She then decides to give it a try, despite the warning Stevie gives her. While she fails the first couple of times, she eventually manages to possess a girl and is estatic that she can now basically live again. 

During her possession though, a boy from the group attempted to sexually assault Sally. Her friend, Stevie, had to pull both out of their possessed bodies, causing a fight between Stevie and the other boy, during which Sally witnesses Stevie shredding the other ghost in self defence. This traumatizes her, and puts Stevie into regret and shock.

Upon returning home, she talks to Nora about what happened and reveals that possessing people greatly tires her out but that at least she is still there. 

In Dream Reaper, Sally is forced into a coma when Aidan hits her with an iron fire poker after she finds out that she is the reaper and she was the one who had been killing all of the ghosts.


In the season 2 finale, Sally attempts to get her mother to shred her to get to Limbo, but she refuses. Sally shreds herself instead and makes it to Limbo, but doesn't know how to get out, and laments to an empty house through the radio that it was a terrible mistake. 

Season 3

In Season 3, Sally is brought back to life using Blood Magic performed by a witch named Donna hired by Josh Levison and Nora Sergeant. The catch is that she cannot meet anyone she knew when she was alive or they will die.

Sally decides to spend Josh's first full moon away from Nora at a bar. There she meets Trent, a friend of her brother. They have major chemistry and they decide to take it further, however, Trent doesn't feel up to it and leaves. The next day, he is seen being taken away on a stretcher. Feeling insanely guilty, she goes to the funeral house to try to apologize to Trent's ghost. This is how she meets Max. She convinces Max to get Trent's fiancé to speak to her, so that she could help Trent gain closure and find his door. However things do not go so well, as it is revealed that she had been cheating on him for over a year. Trent gets mad at Sally and disappeared from the room.

Sally and Aidan go to a bar to unwind. Throughout this scene, Aidan keeps staring at a biker du

S03 e0301 06 135733566924 CC 640x360

Sally ressurected

de who has what seems to be a tattoo of veins on his arm. He follows him out leaving Sally by herself. Sally finds the biker dude and calls 911. When she confronts Aidan about this, he says he doesn't care. As he is sleeping, Sally goes into his room, straddles him and places a stake on his chest, stating that if he wanted to die, she'd do it right then. She convinces him to be more careful, that even though Henry was his "son" he still had her and Josh to depend on. Sally realizes that she needs a new identity. She goes to Aidan for help with this, and he tells her the best way is through a dead baby. She returns to the funeral home where Max works, and is caught going through the files by him.

Sally after being brought back from the dead

He asks her why she is doing this and she explains/lies that she has to run from her past and she needs money. Max offers her a job which she accepts. She is annoyed that ghosts are coming to her for help. She almost disperses Max's mother with an iron skillet, but when she learns who the ghost is, she stops. Her and Max have their first date because Zoe and Nick were coming over and she didn't want to be the third wheel, asking Max to be the fourth. Max's mother stalked their date for a while until Sally told her to leave. She and Max almost have their first kiss, except Max freaks out and leaves. The next day she confronts him about it and they end up having sex on the couch. Again, Max freaks out and leaves, and his mother's ghost shows up and calls Sally a slut. She later possesses Sally and tells Max that she was just curious, and that she quit. With a necklace she got from Zoe, which prevents ghosts from possessing the wearer, she tries to exorcise Max's mother so she wouldn't bother them again. But she stops, because she realizes that his mother is only doing this for love and convinces her to stop stalking her son. She later goes back to Max and apologizes. 

In a later episode, her brother Robbie shows up as the new landlord of the house. Unexpectedly, she bumps into her brother and he recognizes her. Scared that he too would die, she and Josh go to Donna and beg her lift the curse. Donna agrees, saying that Sally can live a normal life, see everyone and anyone from her past and they wouldn't die. The catch being that when Sally died, her soul would belong to Donna. 

Now being able to see the people of her past once again, Sally goes to see her friend, Bridget, who still works at a cafe. While Bridget initially believes she has finally made contact with Sally's ghost, Sally reveals that she was brought back to life by Donna. Initially, Bridget believes that she failed Sally, during the events of Season 1, for not catching onto Danny sooner. While Sally tries to assure her that she didn't, Bridget cuts her off and reveals that she had joined a Wicca group, inviting Sally to come with her that night since Sally was once a ghost.

That night, Sally went with Bridget to the Wicca meeting, initially judging their "High Priestess" and making silent remarks about the meeting, such as asking why Barb, their "High Priestess", had a knife before Bridget explained that it was in fact an athame and it was used to cast the "magic circle". Sitting through the ceremony, Sally was surprised to see Barb call a ghost to the circle, believing it to be the ghost of a man named Joey, whose wife was part of the circle. 

However, it is later revealed to be a ghost named Roger, who is in turn followed by an older ghost named Franklin, the latter revealing that he has been stalking a girl he has taken a liking to because of her breasts. When Sally tries to urge Bridget to leave, she is possessed by Roger, Franklin having previously revealed that he has possessed her on multiple occasions, which explains the times that Bridget feels "calmness and her mind emptying".

After revealing that Sally knows who is inside of Bridget, Roger leaves Bridget's body. When Barb asks for the sudden outburst by Sally, leading Bridget to apologize, she explains that the ghost named Joey was not with them and that she can see ghosts. After accidentally letting it slip to the two ghosts that she was once one of them, they bombard her with a series of questions before Franklin attempts to possess her. Due to Zoe's necklace protecting her, she disperses Franklin before Roger flees.

Back at her house, Sally explains that ghosts have been possessing Bridget and that it will slowly drive her insane, also explaining that she once possessed a woman and nearly drove her insane. After telling Bridget that she needs to forget about spirits and ghosts, and even Sally herself, she gives her Zoe's necklace to protect her from becoming possessed. 

Later on Sally starts to decompose, it first starts on her skull. She realizes what is happening to her and goes to see Nick. He says he's not decomposing but when Sally leaves he lifts his shirt and his stomach is decomposing. Later that night, Sally is up eating food when she goes to the fridge and sees a pack of raw meat. Sally ripps it open and starts eating it. After eating the raw meat Sally stopped decomposing for the moment.

The following morning, Nora dispersed the two blood whores that Aidan killed, causing them to "reset" in Sally's bedroom since they died there. After Josh made a note of Sally's hat, she returned upstairs where she lifted the hat to look at the decomposing flesh, causing the two bloody ghosts to tell her that she should do something about that ASAP. Sally later forces them to leave before covering the spot with her hat yet again.

She later tells Nick that she ate a mouse which caused her skin to regenerate. Nick then reveals that he has been eating cats and tries to tell her that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing as they are doing it for survival to cling to their second lives. Sally admits that, in the grand scheme of things, eating small animals wasn't so bad. That night, while standing outside of a pet shop, she sets her eyes on a little boy and is immediately tempted to eat him. However she realizes the horror of what she was about to do and forces herself to leave.

After explaining to Aidan that she has an uncontrollable urge to devour anything living, she gets a call from a frantic Zoe. Upon arriving at Zoe's house, she sees that Zoe has killed Nick after he lunged for her to eat her. While initially upset, Nick assures Zoe that it was a good thing that she did. When "his Door" appears, he tells Zoe not to see Sally as she will try to kill Zoe as well before disappearing in his door.

While burying Nick's body, Sally and Josh realize that they need to find Stevie as he is probably going on a killing spree. When they arrive at Stevie's parent's house, they discover that Stevie couldn't make it on his own and that he returned home before the deal on Sally's soul was changed, causing his parents to die with their souls ultimately going to Donna for consumption. 

After much convincing, Josh kills Stevie to prevent him from killing anyone else. Once Josh finishes, Sally says it is her turn before Josh comforts her by saying that they will find a way to save her. When Stevie appears before them, his door appears immediately afterwards. However once he walks through, Sally realizes that Stevie and Nick got the same door and that something is horribly wrong.

When Sally realizes that the hunger is getting stronger, Josh and Nora, along with Sally, go to confront Donna to see if they can change the deal one more time. However, they find out that Donna made the entire soup kitchen disappear, thus ruining their chance of talking to Donna. Once Sally feels that the hungar is too strong for her to continue resisiting it, she has Josh and Nora lock her in her room so she doesn't try to eat them.

Later, when Sally asks him to kill her if she can't control herself, Aidan tells her that Josh and Nora that they found Alana and allows her to eat part of his stomach so that she looks semi-normal during their visit. 

Arriving at Alana's house, Sally reveals that she was the ghost that briefly possessed her when she tried performing an exorcism for Danny. When Alana reveals that Sally needs to go through Donna's door, and that Sally can't just ignore it as Donna will have made sure that Sally goes through one way or another, she gives her an incantation to use on Donna. She also tells Sally that she needs to make sure that she has al unresolved business resolved so that she isn't weighed down like she was in her past afterlife. 

That night, Sally goes to tell Max that she is going to die again and that their relationship has unfortunately has come to an end. 

During the day that Nora and Josh are supposed to get married, Sally tells Nora that while she no longer has the hunger, she won't be able to make it to the wedding. A couple of hours later, Nora walks into Sally's room with dozens of outfits for Sally to try on, saying that if Sally is going to be haunting them again, she is going to look damn-good doing it.

After trying many outfits on, Sally settles with a purple dress with small flower designs that has a buckle going across her stomach, black socks, a pair of heeled shoes, and a faded dark green jacket.

Upon dying once again, Sally and Aidan and Josh go through Donna's door to confront the witch. While Josh fights with a reincarnated Ray, Sally and Aidan face off against Donna, the witch revealing that she had a different use for Sally aside from just eating her, possibly revealing that she intended to train Sally to be like her since Sally's soul is different, having survived an exocism, going to and back from Limbo, and being able to shred other spirits. 

After the incantation that Alana gave her turns out to only be a "True Face Incantation", Sally manages to distract Donna long enough for Aidan to light Sally's heart on fire, causing the flames to seek Donna as the source of the magic.

However, Donna removes her magic and gives it to Sally, lightning Sally on fire before dispersing her and devouring her soul. This later proves to be a mistake as Sally is able to use the magic back at Donna to destroy the witch and free her and Aidan and Josh from Donna's soup kitchen.

After watching Josh and Nora's wedding, Sally is able to make the flames on a candleholder flare up brighter and stronger before making them lower again, revealing that her showdown with Donna was not without consequences. 

While talking with Aidan about Kenny's defective vampirism, Liam shoots Aidan in the head. While it didn't kill him, it was enough to stun him for Liam to torture Aidan on Kenny's whereabouts. While Liam ignores Sally, she goes downstairs where Liam has gone to kill Kenny. Just as he was about to, she shouted for him not to, lighting the wooden pole Liam was holding on fire. 

Along with Josh, Nora, and Kenny, she witnessed Aidan killing Liam when he attempted to choke Josh to death, Aidan killing Liam ultimately destroying Josh's hope of being rid of his lycanthropy and forcing him to spend the rest of his life as a werewolf. 

The next day, after talking with Aidan about Kat, Sally is in the house alone, as Josh and Nora had turned the night before, when Donna appears. While Sally tries to disperse Donna, she realizes she can't and Donna reveals that they are linked and that they can't stay at the house. Donna then asks if Sally knows what happens when a "Death Spot" is destroyed, revealing a crack in the floor where Sally had died. While Sally initially refuses to go back to Limbo, she states that she will shred Donna, even if it means she herself is shredded as well, as long as it means that Donna is gone for good.

Donna then takes her to the top of the stairs and pushes her down, Sally's head landing on her death spot. When it is destroyed, Donna drags them both down a hole and into a different plane, the hole closing afterwards and locking them both wherever it was they went.

Season 4

When Sally awakens, she finds herself trapped in some sort of spa with Donna. While getting a treatment, Sally reveals that she is surprised at how nice Donna is being to her, Donna saying that she isn't necessarily being nice but rather she is being patient. When Donna mentions that it is up to Sally if they stay at the spa or not, Donna reveals that Sally has been forgetting everything that has been happening in their

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Sally and Donna in another dimension

"Purgatory" and that Sally makes a different place each time, Donna saying that she was just fine with their Purgatory the way it was before.

Once Donna reveals everything that happened, she says that sending them to their Purgatory is what happened when she destroyed Sally's death spot and that she intends on keeping them down there until she can figure out a way to get them both to move on permanently. 

Being able to learn what Donna just said, saying that erasing her death spot erases her way back home, Sally learns that she can then use Donna's death spot to get out and that all she has to do is find it. When Donna says that Sally has no idea what she is doing, Sally reveals that she does since she made the spa they were in and that she can take it all away.

When she closes her eyes and thinks about it, it causes the spa to slowly begin to fall apart, causing blood to rush into the place through the walls. When she finds Donna's death spot, Donna pins her to a wall to stop

Sally returns through Donna's Death Spot

Sally returns through Donna's Death Spot.

her. However, Sally is able to pin Donna to her chair and free herself from the wall, enabling her to go through Donna's death spot where she finds herself hanging by a rope in a Shop Mart. 

However, she sees glimpes of Donna's past, including her death. Once she frees herself, she leaves the Shop Mart and goes home to talk with Aidan. While talking with Aidan, the vampire tells her that maybe what Donna said was true and that, while he is glad to have the ghost back, maybe she should have stayed in Purgatory. 

They then go to see werewolf-trapped Josh but find that he has left the gate open in an attempt to get Aidan to kill him. Once they find him, Sally is able to use Donna's magic, which is now her magic as well, to stop Josh from killing Aidan while Nora puts him to sleep with a tranquilizer. She then travels back in time again, this time finding a strange room where a group of witches sacrificed a little girl.

When Sally reappears at Josh's cage, she realizes that Donna's magic was what got him trapped and that it would be her magic that got him free. When she goes to the spot where the soup kitchen was, where she and Aidan fought Donna, she finds Donna's spellbook and discovers that she can carry the book even while moving from place to place.

After recovering the book, she appears in front of Aidan, sharing her exitement at being able to carry and touch the book with her hands, and meets Suzanna, discovering she is a vampire and complimenting on her hair after calling her "long faced with glossy hair.". Aidan then takes the book and says that other people will only see a floating book before she takes it back, telling him to say goodbye to Suzanna and to meet her and Nora in the woods.

Back at Pete's camper, Sally begins explaining that during the Wanning Moon, witches cast spells of banishment in the form of the "Faerie Entrapment" spell and that she will perform the wolf-banishment variant of the "Faerie Entrapment" spell to free Josh.

After explaining what the wolf-banishment varient of the "Faerie Entrapment" will do, she tells Nora that they need the sacred blood of a goddess to perform the ritual. This later turns out to be the blood of the

Sally casting the Faerie Entrapment Spell

Sally casting the wolf-banishment variant of the "Faerie Entrapment" spell.

woman's monthly cycle. After performing part of the spell, Sally pulls a dagger from a pool of bloody water that needs to be used to stab Josh's werewolf heart. 

After Aidan manages to stab Josh's heart, Sally slips through time again and is unable to finish the spell. When she returns, she sees that Josh is back at the house but tells Nora that the spell wasn't finished and that they should've waited for her.

The next day, Sally has a daydream about the night Danny killed her. However when he goes to push her down the stairs, Sally stops him and pushes him into Donna, who brutally kills the man. Sally then wakes up and reveals that the book is changing, the "Faerie Entrapment Spell" now being absent from the book and that only borderline useless spells were in it. 

When she stumbles across a spell that seemingly says it will call back her door, Sally casts it only to end up summoning Donna to her. Donna then reveals that each time she uses her magic, Donna's hold on Sally

Sally attempts to summon her Door

Sally attempts to summon her door.

gets stronger. When Donna reveals her intent on taking Sally back to Purgatory with her, Sally ignites the spellbook which in turn sets both her and Donna on fire.

However, while Donna goes back to Purgatory and the book is destoryed, Sally realizes that her magic only got stronger as she now knows every single spell in the book, including the ones that she never even read or knew of. She then tells Nora that she can help with the nasty scar on Nora's stomach.

After Sally casts the spell, she travels back in time again, this time going back in time to when someone else owned thew house besides her father. She then sees the little girl she saw get sacrificed and tries to communicate with her, unable to as the girl isn't dead and is only human.

Sally finds the message from the Little Girl

Sally's message from the Little Girl.

Back in her own time, she sees that the spell she casted on Nora worked and that the scar was gone. When they go into the room that Nora has been trying to redecorate, Sally sees a message from the little girl and realizes that time must be slipping and that she is meant to save the girl.

Sally Zoe 404

Sally asks Zoe for help.

Sally goes to Zoe for help of finding out about Lil’ Smokie’s past. They manage to find out where Beatrice's family lives now. Zoe feigns being from the historical preservation society in order to inquire further. They don’t find much, other than the fact that Beatrice lives a fairly normal life. When they leave, she admits to Sally that she only helped her so that Sally would stop trying to help everyone else. Any time Sally gets her nose into something, trouble brews. Zoe did her part, but she won’t be dragged in any further if Sally keeps going on with this.

Back home, Sally laments her disappointment in being unable to solve the mystery of Lil' Smokie, saying that maybe Zoe was right. However, Aidan assures her that everything she does was for the better.

When Josh's sister, Emily, returns to the house after being released from Rehab, Sally is able to tell that the woman is struggling to stay sober. When the werewolf pack Josh and Nora are now apart of throws a party instead of a baby shower, Sally sees that Emily is starting to slip and tries to cast a spell on her so that Emily will be able to see her. 

While the spell seems to be successful, time slips yet again and Sally goes into the past, this time to the 1920s where she witnesses Aidan and Henry killing people and draining them of their blood like it was some kind of game. In an attempt to stop him, she tries casting a spell but learns that she can't use her magic while in the past, and instead resorts to possessing the body of an old woman and calls out his name. Aidan is unfazed by this and proceeds to kill the old woman, forcing Sally out of her body and being horrified at how Aidan was.

Upon returning to the party, Sally is unable to look at Aidan without feeling angry at how he was and ignores him the rest of the party. Once it was over the next morning, she tells Aidan what she saw and that she hopes he won't return into that person. 

Robbie, Sally's brother, then returns to tell the inhabinants of the house that he will be selling the house unless they wish to buy it. While everyone is outraged, Sally begins screaming at Josh, Nora, and Aidan to speak for her. As Robbie leaves, Sally briefly follows him before beginning to discuss plans to save the house with Aidan. 

When Robbie brings a few people to look at the house, Sally casts a spell to make the entire house become filled with a terrible aroma. But time slips again and she goes back to the time when her and Danny first bought the house. At first, she is disgusted at how "in love" she appeared to be before realzing that, while she thought he was just being rude, Robbie was able to tell that there was something really wrong with Danny and that he didn't trust him.

She then realizes that all those years she went not talking to Robbie were her fault and that Robbie truly just wanted the best for her. Upon returning to her own time again, she appears in the basement before Robbie and goes to say something to him. However when he turns and looks directly at her, she realizes something is wrong if he is able to see her and notices his dead body several feet away.

Determined to have him brought back to life, she goes to the Shop Mart where she escaped from Purgatory to bring Donna back, dragging the woman through her death spot and greatly shocking her. When time slips again, Donna is surprised that Sally was time traveling and that she needed to be careful when doing so. It was here that Sally witnessed Donna's execution after being falsly accused of being a witch when she actually wasn't.

They then travel to a sort of church where Sally sees some four or five witches standing in a semi-circle. When she asked what they were doing, Donna replies that Sally wondered why she died twice and to watch to learn how. The witches then summoned Donna's soul to the circle along with the soul of another woman. After the woman's soul was used to power Donna's soul, a witch sent Donna's soul back into her body, reviving the woman.

When they returned to their own time, Sally and Donna sat in Sally's old room to discuss how to save Robbie. Donna then says that she has done terrible things with her magic and that she has lived long enough and asks that Sally use Donna's soul to revive Robbie. However, Robbie decides that he would rather stay dead and leaves before they can perform the ritual.

Returning to the Shop Mart, Donna asks that Sally no longer use her magic after doing one last thing: releasing Donna's soul by sending her back through her death spot. Sally says she will try and releases Donna's soul, time slipping again right afterwards. Only this time, she feels that the tether binding her to her own time and the past has snapped and spends four years in the past, including reliving the night Danny killed her.

However, she possesses herself and stops Danny from killing her, kneeing him in the groin and punching him in the face before leaving. Upon going to the hospital, she sees Nora and gladly comments about the woman's bangs, causing Nora to believe that she has a head injury before sending Aidan to look at Sally's wrist.

Six months later, Sally, now alive permanently, and Bridget begin discussing what to do with the house. While Sally decides to keep the house the same way since she intends on renting it out to Aidan and Josh, Bridget insists that she paint it. When Sally asks why Bridget is so keen on moving on, Bridget reveals that she is dating Danny and Sally's tries to tell her that it wasn't a good idea. However, Bridget says that she wants to be Sally's friend but Sally is making that too difficult.

While sitting outside the hospital and making her own narrations on Josh and Aidan's converstions, she sees Rebecca, the woman Aidan killed that caused him to return to Bishop, walk up. That night, she embarasses him by saying he has an STD, causing Rebecca to leave and saving her life. Sally confronts Aidan outside and tells him everything that happened in the future and how he was going to kill Rebecca because she was too much of a temptation.

Sally, Aidan, and Rebecca

When Josh and Aidan look at the house, she reveals that she will also be living there and that she knows what Josh is. While Josh is initally against it, he agrees after Aidan says it will be better with Sally there. During that time, Sally makes Josh a post-change kit that includes the rump roast which is used to distract Josh's wolf from people. She also says that his werewolf eats poop, causing Josh to assert that his wolf does not eat poop.

When she learns that Bridget died, she calls the police and tries to convince them that Danny killed her, resulting in her being banned from the funeral service. While Aidan gets rid of the police, Sally reveals that she knows Danny killed Bridget because Bridget "fell" in the shower and hit her head on the floor, similar to Sally's own death. Aidan then comforts the woman and the two share their first kiss.

While they dated over the next couple of months, Sally reveals that Josh marries Nora and invites her over for dinner so that Josh and Nora will hopefully get married now. While at a bar, Sally is able to get rid of Marcus and tells Aidan that he was going to try to get Aidan back in with Bishop. 

A month later, Sally realizes that Josh forgot his post-change kit and goes to take it to him. When she walks in on Josh and Nora beginning to have sex with each other, Josh quickly leaves and tells Sally that the wolf is coming now. While she narrowly manages to get Josh away from Nora and into the hospital basement, she is scratched in the process, resulting in her being infected with lycanthropy. 

Sally gets scratched

During the next full moon, Sally says that she didn't blame Josh for scratching her and that turning really didn't seem that bad. When Josh says that he feels that Aidan blames him for what he did to her, she assures him that it wasn't and that she will be there for him as a friend.

While her and Aidan's relationship grows, Aidan revealing that he loves Sally and Sally revealing that she loves Aidan, Josh grows farther apart from them. After Sally turned by herself one night, her and Aidan arrive home to see Ray waiting with Josh. While Sally tries telling Josh that he was a bad man, Josh leaves and Aidan decides that it was Josh's choice to do so, resulting in Sally being horrified that Aidan would give up on Josh so easily now and breaking up with him.

When she followed Aidan to a blood den, she was confronted by Ray and Josh just as Aidan and Marcus exited the den, blood drunk. When a fight ensues, she tries to stop Marcus from hitting Josh but gets hit in the face by Marcus's elbow, the blow being unintentional. She then sees Ray smashing Aidan's face into his car windshield and manages to pull Ray off of the vampire.

While Aidan hit Ray with a metal pipe, Sally stops him from killing Ray and Aidan pulls Josh off of Marcus, saying that he was crazy for attacking vampires. However, she is hit unexpectedly by Ray in the back of the head with the metal pipe and dies, but not before telling Aidan she forgives him and that she loves him.

Sally dies a 3rd time

After her death, Aidan, Sally, and Bishop confront Ray and Josh. Here, she witnesses Aidan brutally killing Ray and calls him a monster before Bishop disperses her. She then spends the next few months following Josh around, who has moved away from Boston. After many failed attempts in convicing him to contact Alana to find Donna, Sally possesses him and calls Alana herself. However, Alana relizes that Josh was possessed and manages to force her out of Josh's body. 

While Josh is intially feeling betrayed, he sees some of Sally's memories and tells her that he wants that future. The two then return to Boston where Sally tells Aidan of the werewolf vaccine while Aidan poisons Bishop's blood supply, effectively killing him. When Aidan confronts Sally at the pie shop where Josh works, Sally is summoned by a now alive Donna, who says that she can feel the tugging and pulling of her magic and tries to disperse Sally.

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Sally promises Aidan she'll help him remember.

However, she only manages to cut her arm having hit Sally on her arm. When Sally reveals everything, she and Donna return to the house along with Aidan and Josh and Donna explains that she will restore the tether to Sally's own time which will send her back. Beofe she does so, Aidan tells Sally to make him remember everything that happened between them. 

Sally is then bounced around in time, witnessing Aidan killing Josh, before being sent to her own time again, where she sees Robbie's body being moved and that time went on in her time without her but only by one day. She then tells Josh everything that happened, save for her relationship with Aidan before Josh leaves to go to a werewolf get together.

When Nora arrives to pack her stuff, Sally forces pills to fly out of Nora's hands, explainging to her that Nora became a drug addict in the alternate timeline. When she explains what happened with her and Aidan, Nora tells her that she can still have some kind of a relationship with Aidan.

Just then, Kenny's werewolf girlfriend, Astrid, arrives and tells them that Josh is being held captive at the get together and asks them to free him. While Sally makes sure the coast is clear, her, Nora, and Aidan got to rescue him. While Josh and Nora leave, Sally fights the werewolves with Aidan, possessing them one after another. 

When it was down to one werewolf left, Sally possessed him and kissed Aidan, Aidan commenting that it was a good kiss before hitting her so that she was forced out of the man's body. When Aidan had to go to help Kenny, Sally left to go home and fell into some sort of coma. Time then seemed to slip again as she appeared in the room Lil' Smokie died in.

However, it later turned out that time hadn't slipped and that Sally had just teleported there, walking through the wall and surprising Josh and Nora. After Aidan burst through the wall, making a Kool-Aid reference, the group all see Lil' Smokie standing with them, the girl revealing that her name was Ramona and that Beatrice was her twin sister.

When Sally feels inclined to help her, her and Aidan go to meet Beatrice and convince her to come to the house. While waiting to speak with her, Aidan and Sally have an argument when Sally mentions that she is trying to get back on track to get her door. However Aidan reveals that his heart was in the relationship and that he wants Sally to stay with him so they can make some sort of a relationship.

Once they were allowed to meet Beatrice, Sally tells Aidan what to say to her to convince her to come to the house to speak with Ramona. However, Beatrice calls security on Aidan and he is thrown out.

Upon returning, she and Aidan see the entirety of Mark's pack slaughtered, Nora revealing that Josh killed them for her, including Astrid. When Sapp n' Sons show up, as well as Kenny, he lies by saying that the pack had killed Astrid when she tried to leave Boston and came for Josh. 

While packing his stuff, he and Sally begin arguing about what to do since their relationship would be a complicated on. Aidan then says that since Sally doesn't take up any physical space, he wants her to move into Pete's camper with him by saying he wants her to haunt him, to which Sally agrees.

When arguing over the cat statue, Sally suggests that Josh and Nora take it since she and Aidan will be sleeping in a camper and that the statue deserves a good home, to which Aidan agrees only under the promise of visiting rights. Beatrice then shows up and begins explaining how her and Ramona were twins and that her family sacrificed Ramona to a demon. She also reveals that Ramona didn't initially have a name and that she gave her the name Ramona. 

When Ramona appears, Sally wonders why Beatrice can see the little girl but not her, to which Ramona says that they are twins and their bond transcends death. She then wtinesses Ramona killing Beatrice and they all try fleeing the house. 

When they do, Sally appears in the bathroom with Kat. While the two argue, Sally realizes that this was a trick by Ramona and stops her before appearing in the room with Nora, saying that Emily, Josh's sister, wasn't really in the room with them and it was just a trick by Ramona. She tells her to go find Josh while she goes to find Aidan. 

After appearing in the room with Aidan, she sees that he is about to stab himself with a stake so that they can be together. However, Sally tells him that he won't become a ghost and asks him not to leave her. Aidan then drops the stake and they both go upstairs to meet Josh and Nora.

Once they try leaving again, they all appear in Ramona's room, this time with the wall sealed up again so that they can't leave. When Aidan leaves to confront Kenny, Ramona keeps them trapped in the room. However, she eventually lets them leave.

Upon arriving downstairs, Sally sees that Aidan is upset and can't see her for some reason. She then realizes that this was the day Aidan kills Josh.

Just as Aidan was about to snap Josh's neck, Sally froze time. After listening to Ramona briefly gloat, Sally then teleported Josh and Nora along with herself into the basement. Aidan, realizing that Josh got away, headed to the basement and tried to break the door down. Sally trying to think of a way to stop Aidan from killing Josh, comes up with a plan. Sally then lets Aidan into the room and telekinetically knocks Aidan out and tells Josh and Nora to put him on the bed. She then sacrifices herself to bring Aidan back to life as a human using the resurrection spell. Sally then disappears from the world.

After Aidan has died in the fire after destroying Ramona and gets his door, he sees Sally on the other side waiting for him and then they kiss.


Sally as an individual is vivacious and sardonic, frequently teasing and making witty remarks. Sally is also very much an extrovert, which made it very hard on her being able to see people but not being able to interact with them in anyway. As a result, she was overjoyed when Aidan and Josh moved in to her former home, and discovered they can perceive her being a vampire and werewolf respectively. Early on Sally was insecure, exacerbated by her amnesic inability to remember how she died. Upon discovering she was accidentally murdered by her possessive fiance, she became angry. The straw that broke the camel's back came upon the discovery that her former fiance felt no remorse over what he did, and had moved into another relationship so quickly. This caused a vindictive side of her personality to emerge, and began to torment her former fiance. After her former fiance was arrest and incarcerated for his crimes, Sally calmed down but it did not last. Consequent of wanting to hep Aidan kill his former mentor and creator Bishop, Sally reluctantly passed up her door to the after life. She became terrified that she had caused an upset in the status-quot, and would reap terrible consequences. After learning how to dream from a fellow ghost, Sally began to be haunted by a shadow man who called itself the reaper. The reaper took on a human like form claiming he either needed to reap her, or train her to be a reaper; Sally reluctantly choose the latter choice. It was latter revealed that the reaper was a secondary personality she had developed due to her fear. In order to kill the reaper Sally shredded herself. After being brought back to life Sally became her old self again. During this time Sally discovered a strength she never she had; resisting the urge to consume the flesh of the living and destroying the witch Donna.

Since gaining Donna's powers, Sally has become confident and even arrogant, as she is willing to carry on doing spells no matter the consequence and despite warnings from Aidan and Nora.

She was also fairly knowledgable and quick to think on her feet as she was able to figure out that using the "Resurrection" spell on Aidan Waite will cure him and make him a human again.


Sally possesses all the same powers and characteristics that other ghosts do, though the limits of these are ill-defined, and it is not uncommon for Sally to learn to do something that she didn't know she could do before. She lost most of these powers after being reanimated (though she could still see ghosts), and regained them upon her second death. 

The first of her abilities was the ability to move herself from one place to another, appearing to disappear in a form of mist before reforming again elsewhere. While feeling trapped in the house during Season 1, Aidan brought another ghost to visit her, who began teaching her about moving herself. Once she discovered that she was able to leave the house again, she often moves herself to wherever Josh and Aidan are or to other places of notable meaning, such as her high school or the storage units where Josh and Nora turned.

The most notable of her ghostly powers was her ablility to shred other ghosts, sending them to, what other spirits called, Limbo. While she initially believed that it was the Reaper who was shredding ghosts, it later turned out that it was Sally herself, having developed a split personality without her knowledge. However, since her second death, she has yet to be seen using this ability. Though she has mentioned to Donna that she can still shred ghosts.

From her fight with Donna, she and Donna now share Donna's magic, beginning with just Sally being able to create and manipulate fire before being able to cast spells as advanced as a "Faerie Entrapment" spell and a spell to call Donna from their "Purgatory". After burning Donna's spellbook and sending Donna back, Sally then suddenly realizes she knows every spell that was in that book, even spells that she didn't even read and that she knows them all by heart. However, she cannot use magic when in the past.

She was also able to learn the "Resurrection" spell after only watching a group of witches use it to revive Donna in the past. While she was unable to use it on Robbie like she intended, she instead decided to use it on Aidan, reviving him and making him a human once again.

During her time in an alternate time line, she was scratched by Josh as a werewolf and was subsequently turned into a werewolf herself. However, this curse was lost upon her death.