Being Human Wiki
Lucy Gaskell as Sam
Nickname(s) Sam
Gender Female
Age 20-30s
Species Human
Status Alive
Home Bristol
Occupation Teacher
Television Portrayal
First appearance "Episode 2.4"
Portrayed by Lucy Gaskell

Sam Danson is George Sands' ex-girlfriend. They broke up when George nearly transformed into a werewolf at  Sam's daughter Molly's school, as George thought himself to be a risk.

Meeting George[]

Sam is a teacher at the language school where George applied for a job. She met George when he was a teacher and their romance began to bloom. Still remained with him even when she learns of his Tourette-like symptoms (caused by him sedating himself during a werewolf transformation). She continued to see George after he lost his job.

Moving in[]

Sam continued to see George and introduced him to her daughter, Molly. She revealed to him that she was a single mother living in a flat with her mother and her daughter. When George asked her to move in with him, she accepted and the three of them moved into a rent paid flat. When she asked George to attend a parent's evening on the night of a full moon, George lied and said he was going tobogganing with Mitchell. Although sceptically, Sam believed him.

Break up[]

When Nina Pickering visited George again with Kemp to try and offer him a cure, he rejects and desperately tries to escape from his condition by agreeing to go to the parent's evening. He planned to leave the evening half an hour before his transformation, and then go to the cage in the House to change. Unknown to him, the clocks changed the night before, so he began to change at the school. He began to violently screaming at Sam about the time, before fleeing to the House,  although Molly already saw the beginning of George's transformation.

When he saw Sam the next morning, she questions if he is dangerous to Molly, believing his outbreak to be the same anger issues that caused the Tourette-like symptoms. She forgives him, but Molly was terrified of George, so he left, claiming that he can never have a family life like the one she has.