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Sasha Howkirk
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Ghost (briefly)
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Gethin - Boyfriend

Television Portrayal
Appearance Type 4
Actor Alexandra Roach

"Seize the day."
―To Annie

During the third episode of Season Three, Annie encounters Sasha, a foul-mouthed, drunken and visibly deteriorating young woman. Sasha turns out to be a "Type Four" or Zombie, the first such being sighted in the Being Human fictional universe. She initially appeared to be ignorant of her true condition or the circumstances of what had happened to her, but she later admitted that she was simply in denial, commenting that she could feel herself rotting. The group learn that they are indirectly responsible for Sasha's condition when Mitchell and Annie learn that she and at least four others came back at approximately the same time that Mitchell crossed over to the other side to recover Annie. When Sasha attempted to reunite with her boyfriend, Gethin, he stabbed her through the chest with a trophy in a panic, prompting her to admit her knowledge of her condition.

Annie attempted to make Sasha feel better with a makeover- allowing Sasha to look reasonably human- and a night out, but her body began to collapse as they were out dancing at a club, Nina speculating that whatever force reanimated her body was simply losing the ability to keep itself together when 'competing' with her decay.

As she lay dying, Sasha sadly reflected that her only regret was not doing more with her life, resulting in her missing out on chances like having more time partying or convincing her boyfriend to let them start a family, asking Nina and Annie not to forget that. Noting that she was grateful to have real friends with her at her end, Sasha passed on at last, her last words before she walked through the Door being to tell Annie to "seize the day".


Sasha as a ghost