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"Series 5 DVD Exclusive Scene"
Series 5 DVD Exclusive Scene

Cast Alex MillarKate Bracken

Tom McNairMichael Socha
Hal YorkeDamien Molony

Episode chronology
"Rook's Revenge"

Series 5 DVD Exclusive Scene is a deleted scene that was first published after the sixth episode of the fifth series. It was a DVD extra.


Hal, Alex and Tom sit in a restaurant and talk about their future after they have defeated the devil. Since Alex is human, she can visit her family. She told them, that she would like to live with Hal Tom and Alex. Hal doesn't understand why Alex's family was okay that Alex left them. As Hal is human he doesn't constantly needs to fight the monster within himself anymore. Tom met Allison again, who also is human now. Hal realises that they can have everything they want. However he is not sure that it is supposed to be like this. He tells the others that they might be in another of Hatch's dream worlds. As soon as Tom and Alex realise that what Hal says might be true, the other guest stand up and look at them. When Tom asks what to do now, Hal replies the usual, saving the world.