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Regus: "This is like the Dead Sea Scrolls; the holiest of holiest."
Nick Cutler: "Yeah but I bet the Magna Carta doesn't have a nipple on it!"
―Regus and Nick Cutler on the Skin Parchments[src]

The Skin Parchments are an ancient parchment, made of Human skin and divided into three pieces, on which the Vampire Brothers' prophecy The War Child is written.


The Skin Parchments prophesised that the War Child, Eve Sands, would be a human child born of two Werewolf parents into a household consisting of a Supernatural Trinity (Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost), and would have an enemy known as the Nemesis (Eve's Ghost from an alternate future in which Eve never fulfilled her destiny) who would have a burnt arm. The Parchments also prophesised that the Vampires would be destroyed, but Eve would have to die in order for this to happen.



After the original two Vampire Brothers saw the Vampires' future downfall by Eve Sands in their fifth and last dream after drinking blood for the first time, the prophecy was written down on human skin, which was subsequently divided into three pieces. (Eve of the War)


In 2012, Regus was in possession of the two Skin Parchments on which Eve's origins, the Vampires' downfall and the warning about the Nemesis was written, and the Old Ones secretly possessed the third Parchment telling how Eve would fulfill her destiny. After the majority of the Barry Vampire coven were wiped out by George Sands, Tom McNair and Annie Sawyer, Regus handed the two Skin Parchments he had over to them. (Eve of the War) The two Skin Parchments were subsequently kept at Honolulu Heights. (Series 4)

When the Old Ones came to Barry in preparation for their plans to start a Vampire war against Humanity, they brought the third Skin Parchment with them. Mr. Snow showed it to Nick Cutler when explaining that according to the Parchments, killing Eve would bring about the Vampires' destruction. The third Parchment was presumably destroyed when Annie blew up the Stoker Import and Exports warehouse where the Old Ones were located, and what ultimately happened to the other two Parchments in the Honolulu Heights Trinity's possession is unknown. (The War Child)

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline where Eve never fulfilled her destiny and thus the Vampires succeeded in taking control of the earth from Humanity, the Human resistance was in possession of the two Skin Parchments that the Honolulu Heights residents had possessed in 2012, and Eve used them to try and discover how she could fulfill her destiny and defeat the Vampires.

In 2037, Lucas managed to retrieve the third Parchment after eighteen months and brought it back to Eve at her resistance shelter in London. (Eve of the War)